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In what medium should the child be taught?

The home learning program has been started by the government for a long time. The home learning program has been started by the government for the purpose that students can continue their studies at home when they cannot go to school.

This home learning program is run by the government to ensure that students do not stop learning. Students cannot go to school in this situation of Corona. In these circumstances students deprived of education cannot be run.

Students are educated through various mediums so that they can continue their studies.  This education is imparted to the students through DD Girnar, youtube channel, initiation application and QR code through E class.  

Under Home Learning, students who cannot go to school can get education at home.  Students can also become part of the government's Home LEARNIG program with the help of live E-classes offered daily on YouTube.

DD Girnar is uploaded to all students studying in the video of Daily Home Learning on the standard 1 to 12. All students from standard 1 to 12 are being educated by the medium of DD Girator. 

For all the students can get education through home learning, the educational video on YouTube and initiation portal is also being uploaded regularly on the Beginner.

Primary schools in the state have been closed for a long time due to coronavirus.  Schools and colleges have been closed to prevent the spread of the corona.  The importance of home learning is greatly enhanced by the closure of schools and colleges.  

Children are taught different subjects in different ways with the help of home learning.  Students have acquired knowledge of various subjects with the help of home learning in various ways.  

Home learning is provided using DD Girnar, youtube channel, Diksha portal etc.  Home learning is arranged by teachers for students who do not have access to television or mobile.  

Students who do not have any type of home learning tool are provided with the facility to watch television at the home of another student in the village.  

Through home learning, knowledge of various subjects is imparted by the teachers in different ways.  When students ask and get answers from teachers.

"Educational programs will be telecast by Doordarshan DD Girnar, which includes all students from Std. 3 to 12," he said at Gandhinagar.  Apart from this, GCERT and Board of Secondary Education will also broadcast Std. 5 to 12 programs on Vande Gujarat Channel by Bayseg. 

What is this Home Learning Program? Under this Home Learning Program for students who do not have TV or mobile facility  The educational activity or worksheet prepared by GCERT for 8 which is printed by the district and distributed to the students in a timely manner by the teachers is also planned.  

At the same time the delivery of textbooks by teachers from house to house is also in progress and the local bodies of the district will have to make arrangements for the timely delivery of these books or educational materials to the students.  Audio visual content can be viewed through mobile. 

 To ensure home learning program, the class teachers will contact the parents and students by phone and guide them to overcome the difficulties of the students. The education will be done by the Abhiyan office. Online education has also been organized by the government school teachers in the state.

Teachers have been given special orders by the state education department.  The education department has issued an order for teachers to call 15 students in their class every day to guide them on home learning.

 Teachers have to maintain a register of these activities and the principal has to monitor these activities.  Teachers will have to provide phone guidance with school children and their parents regarding difficulties in home learning.

Given the current state of the Corona epidemic, the government's decision to reopen the school is currently being postponed.  The Government has withdrawn its decision by Shri.  

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In such a situation the importance of marriage increases a lot when schools no longer have to open considering the current situation of Corona.  Given the current situation in Corona, the importance of home learning is proving to be very important for every student at a time when primary schools, high schools and secondary and higher secondary schools as well as colleges are closed. 

 Considering the current situation of Corona, students from Std. 1 to Std. 12 are being imparted online education through DD Girnar and through Diksha Portal.  It is planned by the government that all students can take education at home.

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