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Trees are useful to us in many ways. The leaves of the trees purify the air through the action of photosynthesis. The trees bear a variety of fruits. The roots of the trees prevent soil erosion. The trees prevent the desert from moving forward.

The roots and leaves of some trees are used medicinally. The leaves of some trees are used for making leaves. Trees help bring rain by cooling the clouds. Cattle, farmers and passers-by rest in the cool shade of the trees. Moreover, trees are the adornment of the earth. The land without trees looks deserted like a sheesh without hair.

Our country had dense forests a few years ago. Many wild animals live in those forests. Forests protect animals and animals protect forests. Cooling the atmosphere. The air stays clean. Heavy rains caused trees to grow. But as the population continued to grow, the need arose for land to build residential houses, schools, factories, roads, railways, etc. Wood was also needed for fuel and for home furnishings. As a result, haphazard forests were cut down. As a result, the area of ​​forests decreased.

Humans established haphazard human settlements due to their growing need. This also led to depletion of arable land. On the other hand, not as many trees were cut down as new ones were planted. As a result, the amount of rainfall continued to decrease as the vegetation decreased and the groundwater level continued to fall.

Vanamhotsav is celebrated in our country. To this end, trees are planted in open space, on both sides of the road, in schools and in fallow lands and it is decided to take care of it.

Encouraging a large number of children to plant one tree at a time in such programs can be very helpful. Thus, by increasing the number of trees, the beauty of nature can be enhanced. In addition, the growing problem of air, water and noise pollution can be addressed.

If we continue to increase the number of trees by encouraging every child, it will be the most noble work for the entire human race. Doing so will reduce pollution and improve the environment. We make sure that every child grows one tree every year.

Let's encourage and guide them for this. So children will automatically fall in love and attraction towards trees. The atmosphere will be greener and pollution will decrease.

Our children could get sick if we do not stop dumping garbage in rivers and other sources of water. If we do not control automobile pollution, we will start choking and suffer from lung related diseases.

But instead of making hasty decisions about the changes taking place in the environment, the best solution is needed if we think seriously.

 There is no denying that we must do something to protect our air and water from the demons of pollution.  But when it comes to changing the environment, we should not rush into it.  There is nothing wrong with thinking 'green'.  The first thing is that it is a good color.  

Second, it will help us to make life better.  But there are also some problems with it.  Newspapers have printed page after page on the subject and TV channels have made it a boring subject with long coverage.

 ‘Green’ is no longer a color, but a religious belief.  If you are an eco-septic like me, then you are not at a disadvantage.  Being ‘eco septic’ does not mean that you are not sensitive to the environment.  

There is a big gap between making a streamlined law for a clean and beautiful environment and making radical changes in the law to reduce global warming.  If we don't stop dumping garbage in rivers and other sources of water, our children could get sick or die.

 If we do not curb automobile pollution, we will suffocate and suffer from lung related diseases.  But instead of making hasty decisions about the changes taking place in the environment, the best solution we can come up with is to think seriously.  

In fact we have to adopt a two-way policy.  Finding an immediate solution to the problems that directly affect us and proceeding slowly for the problems that we do not currently understand immediately.  We must not be ignorant of the problems associated with global warming.

 We should focus on four basic things.  First of all, the role of technology in the human development journey.  In the primitive age man was able to evolve because he rejected the laws of nature and tried to invent a new technology for himself.  

The right of man to the earth was established on the basis of the belief that nature could be subdued and its resources could be used for the benefit of human beings.

  We have damaged the environment with every step of progress, from the mythical tools of agriculture to the modern space machines.  This technology can be used to improve the environment.  If a hole is formed in the ozone layer due to greenhouse gases, a technique can be developed to fill that hole.

 The other thing is that with a constantly growing population we can't go back to nature.  On the one hand, the world's population is crossing the seven billion mark, on the other hand, large numbers of people are facing poverty in Asia and Africa. 

 We cannot take steps to improve the environment like rich countries, because we cannot feed so many people without harming the environment.  So we have to focus on technology based solutions.  Without genetically modified seeds, for example, we cannot imagine a green revolution under any circumstances, no matter what the risks.  

We have to make progress in the agricultural sector in the shortest possible time, so we cannot postpone the decisions on GM seeds for long.

 The third thing is that we also have to think about the economy of consumption.  The spread of human society and the formation of the modern world economy has been accompanied by a steady increase in consumption.  

Consumption in Africa, India and China will have to be increased to accommodate the low consumption of the US and Europe (whose total GDP is more than half of the world's GDP).  But if India and China increase their consumption, it will increase the consumption of more than 2.5 billion people.  This will directly harm the environment.

 Fourth and last, we do not know whether the measures that are being proposed to combat global warming will prove effective.  Everything has an impact on the environment. 



 Solar energy, for example, is being promoted as a source of eco-friendliness, but if we start using more solar energy than we need, it will cause a rise in temperature.  

Global cooling or global warming is not only the result of human actions, it is also the result of natural phenomena.  The need for ‘eco-skepticism’ arises when we do not know the consequences of whatever we are doing.

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