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SBI Warning: If these numbers are saved in mobile, delete them immediately, otherwise the account will be empty.

If your account is also in SBI (State Bank Of India), the largest government bank in the country, then this is important news for you.

The bank has alerted 440 million customers across the country. According to the SBI website, everyone needs to be wary of the rapidly rising fraud cases across the country.

Aside from this, you should never save information related to your account to your mobile. If you save your OTP (One Time Password), PIN number, debit or credit card CVV or ATM details, delete it immediately… otherwise your account will be empty.

SBI has said that custmakes should not make such a mistake at all, which would empty their bank account. "Never save your bank account and online banking details in the phone," the bank said in a statement.

 even by taking a bank account number, password, ATM card number or a photo of it. It is at risk of leaking. In addition, your account may be completely emptied.

not share their ATM card with anyone else. Doing so can cause your card information to be leaked and anyone can easily cheat on you.

According to State Bank, all consumers in the country should take care that you do not use the public internet for money transactions. There is always a risk of your personal information being leaked.

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asksLet me tell you that no one ever asks for sensitive information like user ID, PIN, password, CVV, OTP, VPA (UPI) by calling or sending an SMS on behalf of the bank. If you receive such a call, be careful and do not share any information with anyone.

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