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  Transfer camps for teachers have been held online for a long time.  From time to time the government organizes no-change camps for teachers so that the teachers who are working away from their hometowns can get the benefit of their hometown as well as work in a place convenient to them. 

 The transfer camps are run by the government.  Teachers benefit a lot from the teacher transfer camp. They can work near their hometown or in a convenient place.  

Teacher transfer camps have been organized during the year 2020/21.  Why this change has to be done online.  Provided by as well as by video.

 Various transfer rules have been framed by the government for primary school primary teachers in the state of Gujarat. These rules have also been changed from time to time as required. 

    These rules have been framed by the Government of Gujarat so that the teachers working as teachers in the primary schools of the State of Gujarat can stay with their families and get the benefit of the homeland. 

      Fromm time to time the Government has made transfer rules for the benefit of the teachers who are working as primary teachers away from their hometowns. No transfer rules have been framed so that both the spouses performing duty in the primary school can perform their duties in a taluka or district if they are different.

       If a primary school teacher is suffering from a serious illness and such primary school teachers are working away from their hometowns, then these transfer rules have been framed for the benefit of their hometowns. Husband and wife performing duty in different places or in different districts can perform duty in the same district, in the same taluka or in the same village.For the transfer of teachers of primary schools, the total number of teachers in each department has been decided on the basis of the number of students in primary section Std. 


  A teacher who has entered the job before 10 June 2010 will be considered as a teacher education assistant of the primary department. Of these, the teachers who have qualified or hold the qualification of any of the three departments of the upper primary teacher and have given the option to become the teacher of the concerned department as per the resolution of the education department have accepted the place of that department in their own or other school. Will be counted. 

     Accordingg to the provision made in the transfer rules, teachers on duty in the primary department can be transferred only in the primary department. 

Teacherss on duty in the upper primary department can be transferred to the upper primary department only if there is space in the upper primary department. The rules of primary teacher apply to all types of transfers. 

      Thee upper primary department will have to make internal transfers of primary teachers and education assistants by changing the demand or changing the district only once a year. Apart from this, fluctuations will also have to be made. 

Thee list of vacancies for primary schools and subject wise school vacancies for upper primary section should be published on the public board while maintaining all kinds of policy-rules during public transfer camps. 


 Anyy primary teachers would have the required qualification of upper primary teacher but could not be transferred to their upper primary section if they were not appointed in the primary section or included in the upper primary section. 


Underr the transfer rules, primary teachers who are disabled, a teacher couple, and a member of the Valmiki community will have to be given priority in case of any transfer. Even if the district has benefited in the internal transfer, the district will be able to take advantage of the priority in the fair and even if the district has benefited, it will be able to take advantage of the priority in the internal transfer of the district. This benefit can only be obtained once during the entire job. 

Thee note of which is to be done in the service book of the concerned teacher and in the case of taking advantage of the priority of the teacher couple in the service book of both husband and wife.


 According to the rules of transfer of primary teachers made from time to time, transfers of primary teachers are done by the government through various means. In order to enable the primary teachers working in the government primary school to take advantage of their homeland and remain involved in their social life, transfer camps are organized for the primary school teachers in various cases as per the rules and regulations. 

Good news for teachers: Changes in the rules of transfer of primary school teachers, the process of transfer of female teachers has also been simplified

Separale seniority of Std. 1 to 5 and 6 to 8 teachers will be considered

The transfer of primary teachers will no longer be considered as a standard 1 to 8 consecutive unit.

The district transfer of women teachers will benefit on the basis of place of marriage registration instead of place of appointment

Now not only the Secretariat, but all government employees' teacher wives will have the opportunity to be transferred within three years of appointment.

A major change has been made in the transfer rule of about two lakh teachers working in the state's primary schools. According to the new rule, teachers of Std. 1 to 5 will not be included in Std. 6 to 8 in case of increase. The seniority of both will be considered separately, which will now facilitate the transfer of primary teachers. Until now, since Std.1 to 8 were considered as consecutive units, many teachers were deprived of the benefits of seniority, delaying their transfers.

There were not enough qualified teachers in Std.6 to 8 at that time

After the inclusion of standard 8 in primary schools, competitive examinations were also started for the recruitment of teachers. In the primary school divided into two parts, the qualification of PTC was determined in the recruitment of teachers of Std.1 to 5, while in Std.6 to 8, graduation with B.Ed or PTC was made compulsory. However, before this, recruitment was done only with the qualification of PTC, so there were not enough qualified teachers in Std.6 to 8 at that time. Therefore, the education department made a temporary provision that the teachers who have more in Std. 1 to 5 should be included in Std. 6 to 8. Thus, in case of transfer due to inclusion of additional teachers in upper primary, a consecutive unit of standard 1 to 8 was considered.

Provision for transfer of non-transferable staff of Secretariat cadre in special case in Gandhinagar

In such circumstances, there is a vacancy for a mathematics teacher in a school in Std. 6th to 8th, but there was no replacement for another teacher as there were additional teachers in Std. Secondly, even in seniority, consecutive units were considered. 

   Thee new rule now removes the provision to include an additional teacher, although if a temporary teacher is placed, he or she will be transferred to another location in the replacement camp. There was a provision to transfer the spouse of a non-transferable employee or officer of the Secretariat cadre who is performing duty as a primary teacher in a special case in Gandhinagar district. However, so far only the secretariat staff has benefited from this rule.

Benefit of transfer to their teacher spouse after completion of three years of service

However, other categories have also been added, in which the employees or officers appointed to various posts in the Secretariat Services of the Government of Gujarat, Gujarat Public Service Commission and Gujarat High Court will be given the benefit of transfer after completion of three years of service.


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Only the place where women's marriage is registered will be considered

Appointments can be made on the basis of vacancies in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad districts. 

    Apartt from this, women have got a big relief when changing districts, not only the place during their deputation, but also the place where marriage is registered.

Good news for teachers: Changes in the rules of transfer of primary school teachers, the process of transfer of female teachers has also been simplified

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