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Republic Day Speech & Essay in Gujarati 2021 – 26 January Gujarati Speech: Download Republic Day Speech in Gujarati and Republic Day Gujarati Essay for free.

This is a very special day for all peoples who belong to India and love to India because this time all peoples, soldiers or Indian officers going to celebrate the 72nd republic day of India in 2021 or if you want to give a speech on republic day in Gujarati language at your school in front of students and teachers then feel free to use our Republic Day Gujarati Speech 2021.

This day is a national festival of joy and happiness for our Indians.
January 26 is the day of Indian Republic, India has been declared a full republic today, that is why today is a special significance for every Indian. Today, every Indian celebrates as a national festival.

We will celebrate our Republic Day with joy.

 We will pay homage to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country

 The republic came into force on 26 January 1950

 The first President of India, Dr.  Rajendra Prasad hoisted the flag

 Sukarno was invited as the chief guest.

 The Indonesian president was a benefactor of India

 It was a historic moment for us ...

 Who was proud of our India

 We have won the title of the largest constitution in the world,

 Democracy is being played all over the world.

 Let us adopt the rules shown in it in life.

 Let's stop and extend each other's hand

 Let's wave such tricolors .. Our Republic Day has come ..

 Let's dance and celebrate.

 Friends, our country has been able to get independence only after a lot of hard work and hard work.  Don't let it be ruined .. Study .. Learn something and move forward with everyone. We still only hear that India is one of the backward countries.

 We are very lucky that we got food, clothing and everything.  We just need to learn how to live in love with each other.

this day there is a celebration of Tricolor national flag in all the primary schools, colleges, government offices, and many social institutions in India. This day is celebrated very well in the country's primary schools.

The celebration of Adivas in Gujarat is seen in a special form. Here, Vandan's work is done by the well-educated daughter of the village for the importance and encouragement of girls' education in primary schools. And the certificate is also given by the school management committee of primary schools. Programs are organized by students and teachers, which have the ability to dance, sing songs, perform exhibitions, play and speak.

 Thus, this day is celebrated very beautifully here.
Here is the stage program for celebrating the same day's 26th January school. The speaker for its operation has been put in a sampling form. Which will be very useful for every school, college.

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 In the end, I would just like to say that let's do something together so that the flag of India will always be high.

 Jai Hind 

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