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Career Guidance Book in Gujarati , Download karkirdi margadarshan Book pdf

What to do after 10 standard? Each student is always harassed by taking his carrier. All such sathes are done. The same happens with me. I'm also a student just like you. I want to do this post for you today, and you are not going to wander to get information. In this post we will show you that 10th then you do. After 10, Shu Carrier Option is. 10th after which.

Take a stream of  10 in. All these Savalon Awavab will give us through this post today. So read this post carefully and you can ask your question in the convey. Everyone has to make his own carrier. 

Because Jamalu would be a career as well as we will have a life. So it is necessary that we think we understand our career decision. You will see that in 10 then each has several options.

 The bus we have to make a true choice. If you're a proper sanctuary your frontage is set. If you failed to make a correct choice, you do not mind the mind in your work and you will be able to finally defeat. 

Today we show about all the courses for after 10th after this post. Show together that it should be done so that the true choice of carrier can be done. So let's know that after 10. What you do after 10 - 10th after 10th you get the option of three streams. 

Jema Koki has to choose a stream. This is not as easy as you think. Because many Standent is not known that the stream is good for them and not. But it does not have to be afraid. This is a very common problem. All that happens with.

 We are giving you information about all three streams. Take your mind to the stream which tells you and do not come in any pressure. 

Science If you want to become an engineer or a doctor, then do not have to be scored in 10. Siodes wants more hard work than the second stream. You can easily go to any area after 12th of Science. 

Live is not with the other stream of that. In short this is considered to be a very good stream. If you want to study a doctor by taking a doctor, take biology. If you want to be a science taking a period, Maths should have you. 

You can take both Biology and Maths if you want. Your subject physics in science stream, chemistry, biology, maths are irregular. The remaining additional subject can also take. He has 6 subscribed together. 

If you do with science maths you will be called non-medical stoodrants. Because you do not read biology so you can not go to a medical field. On the other hand, if you do with science biology, you will be called Medill Student. 

You can go to a medical field but can not go to any field. Maths is used. Such as engineering. If you did not take a decision that you can take both Maths Biology to you. Subs Streams Topics 1. 

Phyiscs - In this topic you will find the topics like motion energy friction etc. This is considered to be more difficult from the second subject of siens. 2. Chemistry - Those you'll learn about alchemy. 

That is why the pany, chemical, liquidity object, tongue substance, information attached to the object. 3. Biology - In this subject, you are given information in the disease, human body, animal body, bush plants etc. If you are also interested in living science, this is for you to the subject. 

4. Mathematics - In this subjection, you are taught mathematics. This math is a lot more than the 10th you were studying. But to understand it you should have mathematics information up to 10. 

5. Computer SCIENCE - If you have your interest in a computer, then this subjection will need to be needed. In this subject, you will be teaching a computer information about the pogram language software installing etc. 

6. English - The Subject will look at you in every stream. In Irue, you have to study grammar, tees, acute, novice etc. Commerce This stream likes to take many Student. If you want to make your career in a topning field or backing field, you must have Commerce. Commerce gets a subject like Economics, Guinea, Business Studies, Business Law.

 If you pass 12th by Commerce B.com, BBA, BMS, BBM, CFA. Ca. You can graduate with the course like ICWA, CFP. Subject 1. Accounteant - How to do a top of you in this subject is teaching. In other words, you are shown how the book has been shown by book book, bank and a company.

 2. Business Studies - In this subject, you are given information about how business is done. By scratching this subgen, no one can know how the business can be done properly and going forward to how good business man can be.

 3. Economics - Genie related actions are studied. It's called Economics. In this subject, you are explained about the topics like things and services of the transactions, an item etc. 4. Mathemeatics - Mathematics is taught in this subjection.

 If you can look good in commerce, then your grip should be good too. 5. English - This is not a new topic for you. You also know that it is to study topics like grammar,, tases activist, nullundance etc. 

Arts If you are interested in Subject, Social Service, Human Psychology, Social Service, Human Psychology, Politics, Economics, Human Politics, Social Service, Human Politics, Economics, History, passed 12th of the Arts Stream Many people are human or Arts takes people who do not mind in the study, whom they come less marks. While saying that is not worth it. Taking the arts people can make their own carriers. Come aloko can create his carrier in the field like lawyer, political, professional, teacher. 

Autors are like a subjurte ghology, political science, psychology, socialology, irregular, Hindi Sanskrit. The Profusal course is 10th after 10th of the people who do not study a long study can also do the professional course. This course is people who are looking for a job. After finishing this course you will also get a degree and even the job. 1 ITI - This is a two-year course, after you have got a direct job. 

ITI also offers several vocational courses. Such as Electrician Fitter, Stenographer, Programmer Assistant, Graphics & Multimedia, Personality Development and Many Of course. ITI is done by. This is a very good course. That can be done after 10. 2. Diploma - This course is 3 years old. In this time you become 50 percent engineer and there is a very easy sand. As soon as the degree of engineering is to diploma is a good option. 

Many people also recognize this with polytechnic name. After the diploma course, you can do a job in the company after taking admission, after admission. Many courses can be done in diploma. Like civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, such as many such courses diplomas.

What Afer SSC Science or Commerce or Arts?
A good option after 10th is studying +2 or HSC. It can help to secure a strong foundation for further studies like graduation and post graduation. The selection of the streams for 11th and 12th standard (HSC) depends upon the students aptitude but the most important factor is one’s interest in the subject and the purpose for selecting the course.

Whether to choose science, commerce or arts stream is the most difficult thing to decide for students. Lets make it simple. Choose a field in which you have passion. Remember, no field is better or superior than other. It just depends on what you like to do.

Career Guidance Book in Gujarati (What after 10th / 12th?)
Gujarat Information department published career Guidance Book (Karkirdi Margdarshan). You can view or download this book in pdf format by below mentioned link. This book is published by Gujarat Information Department each year. You can get guidance for what after 10th and what after 12th.

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you select Science stream, you have further 3 more options for selecting the subjects. You can select Maths or Biology from the optional subject. Some students opt for both Mathematics and Science subjects. If you want to become engineer then select Maths and if you want to go in medical field then select Biology.

Instead of going for HSC (10 +2 years), you can opt for Diploma engineering after standard 10. Some fields that you can select in diploma are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Computer technology, Information technology, Information & Control Engineering, Power Engineering, Mechatronics, Hotel Management and Cattering technology, Plastic engineering, Fabrication Technology, Chemical Engineering, Printing Technology, Ceramic Technology, Architecture Assistant-ship, Automobile Engineering, Metallurgy, Textile Manufacturing, Textile Processing, Mining Engineering etc. You will generally need to give an entrance test to get admission. Generally the Central diploma admission committee takes the exam.

Apart from these, there are also many other options such as joining ITI, ITC, Indian Army, Navy and Police Force.

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