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The “Gujarati Vyakaran Materials” is very important subject nowadays GPSC or class 3 level Prelims and main competitive examination. Here you can get Free some important and very useful Gujarati Vyakaran

material for upcoming GPSC exam.

USEFUL IN EXAM: This material is very UseFul For TET, TAT,HTAT,TALATI KAM MANTRI ,DY.SO,CLERK,JUNIOR CLERK,REVENYU TALATI,Nayab Mamlatdar, constable ,PSI,ASI,PI,GPSC 1 /2,TET-2,TAT-2...ETC Class 1/2 and class 3

level Unlimited Materials For all academy and Creators.

Teachers have been given special orders by the state education department.  The education department has issued an order for teachers to call 15 students in their class every day to guide them on home learning.

 Teachers have to maintain a register of these activities and the principal has to monitor these activities.  Teachers will have to provide phone guidance with school children and their parents regarding difficulties in home learning.

This pdf file is here put in this article.

In this PDF file STD 9 to 12 Gujarati Grammar is available. In this PDF file Gujarati Standard 9 to 12 Gujarati Vyakaran take from books and make PDF file for students. This books are new syllabus books and this book GUJRATI VYAKARAN is so important for your upcoming competitive exams and your school exams. 

This PDF file is very important so save it in your phone memory. 

In view of the present situation, the government has made arrangements for all the students to get education at home.  This system is known as home learning by the government. 

For the purpose of providing education to the children by the government, the children can get education from home through DD Girnar through youtube channel as well as through the Diksha portal application prepared. 

 Students who do not have smartphones available can take their education at home on GTV or even through the Baysag channel.  The government has provided user ID and password of the application called Microsoft Team to all the students studying in the schools. 

 All the teachers of the school have also been provided with the user ID and password of Microsoft application in the same way prepared by the government.  Teachers and students can also learn from home by logging in using the user ID and password provided in the Microsoft team.  School teachers have to prepare Microsoft's timetable.  

The timetable created by the Microsoft team is delivered to the students.  This provides online education to children corresponding to the timetable.  The students of the school can also take education at home with the help of Microsoft team.  Efforts are being made by the government to ensure that students are not deprived of education by using various applications and mediums.  

Important links 

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સંપુર્ણ ગુજરતી વ્યાકરણ એક જ વિડિયો માં જોવા - CLICK HERE

This task has been responsibly assigned to all the officers involved in education so that not a single student of the state of Gujarat will be deprived of education.

These books and video will be very useful for students who are preparing Gujarati Grammar.  This book will be very useful for students preparing for various external exams for the preparation of grammar and grammar of Gujarati subject. 

It will be useful for various examinations conducted by Gujarat Public Service Commission and Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board.

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