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 Morari Bapu was born on September 25, 1946 near Mahua in Talagajra (in Saurashtra) to a Vaishnava family.  

Grandfather Tribhuvandas had more love for Ramayana than father Prabhudas Hariya.  From Talagajara to Mahua he used to go on foot to acquire knowledge.  

I had to memorize the four volumes of Ramayana shown by my grandfather on the 5 mile road every day.  He was remembered 5 times a day.  Due to this rule, she gradually memorized the entire Ramayana.

 Dadaji was considered by Bapu as his guru.  At the age of 14, Bapu first recited Ramayana Katha for a month in Chaitramas 1960 in Talagajra.  In student life, his mind was less in studies, and more in Ramakatha.

 He later became a teacher in the primary school of Mahua, where he studied, and later had to give up teaching, as he was so engrossed in the Ramayana lessons that it was difficult to find time.

 After leaving Mahua, in 1966, Morari Bapu started the 9-day Ramakatha.  And the Ramakatha that is supposed to help in the arrangement of food in the afternoon and to bring coolness in the heart, today Bapu has kept it separate from the saints of the other way.

 Morari Bapu is married to Narmada Devi.  He has three daughters and a son.  Earlier, he used to accept donations from Ramakatha for the sustenance of his family, but if this money started coming in a lot more today, he took a vow from 1977 that he would not accept any donation from today, a vow he is still fulfilling.

 He only eats one meal at a time while narrating.  He loves sugarcane juice and millet bread.  Morari Bapu, who was walking on the line of interfaith honor, wanted to have a one-time meal at the time of the story by going to the house of a Dalit and he did so, but Bapu did it when 1008 Ram Parayan was recited in Mahua on his own behalf.  

At the time, Harijan urged the brothers to come on stage without hesitation and recite the Aarti of this Ramayana.  But Bapu had recited Aarti only with Dalits.

 In a village in Saurashtra, Bapu followed the path of this Ramakatha as a guest of Dalits and Muslims, he wanted to show that Dalits and Muslims are also entitled to it.  

The aim of Bapu's nine-day Ramakatha is the upliftment of religion, through which the upliftment of society, the glorious culture of India and the intense desire to ignite the flame among the people.

 There are many assumptions about the black lotus (shawl) that lives on the shoulder of Morari Bapu. One assumption is that the black lotus itself was provided by Hanumanji himself.  

But Morari Bapu, expressing his thoughts on the basis of these opinions, says that there is no secret behind black lotus, no miracle, I have been fond of black color since my childhood, that's why I keep it on my shoulders.

 Moraribapu, who stays away from any religious and political controversies, is accorded special honors in the Ambani family.  When Dhirubhai Ambani inaugurated Reliance's factory at a place called Khawdi near Jamnagar, he organized the story and lessons of Morari Bapu.  

Then he asked Dhirubhai if people would come from so far to work, what about his food?  Bapu wanted the Ambani family to provide one-time meals to the employees and since then Reliance has started giving one-time meals. This tradition is still alive today.

 Moraribapu makes full use of Sher Shayari in his story, as people can easily understand him.  His thoughts are never imposed on anyone. And humanity keeps trying to stay on earth forever.

  He wanted to go to Pakistan and do Ramakatha, but it was not possible due to visa and security reasons.

 I don't know how many people today, who have become such devotees of Bapu, reach behind him during all his stories.  In today's world where the need for a true pathfinder is being felt.

  First of all, the name of Morari Bapu came to the fore, which awakened the roots of social values ​​as well as Indian culture.

 After completing his degree, Bapu started teaching as a teacher in Shahpur College, Junagadh. After that, he taught all subjects in Parekh School in which he also taught English.  He listened to the speeches of good speakers and presented many such professors to Guru.

 In 1960, Maroraji Bapu first narrated the story of Ram to the people in Talagajdra village.  At that time Bapu was only 14 years old. Then in 1976 he narrated the story for the first time abroad in Nairobi.

 To date, Bapu has read more than 823 stories, his week is in Thai in different cities of India and the world.  The story is told in countries such as New York, London, Dubai, Brazil, Tibet, and Bhutan.  In the story which lasts for 9 days, Bapu narrates the story for three hours in the morning.

 Bapu also participates in all kinds of peace conventions and also organizes many such good conventions. In this way he works to unite the saints of different religions. 

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 It was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama in 2009 when Bapu hosted the World Religious Convention in Mahua.

 In 2012, Valmiki organized a national conference on Ramayana.  It was attended by Dr. Satyavrat Shastri, Dr. Radhavallabh Tripathi, Dr. Rajendra Nanavati and many good Ramayana scholars.

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