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If anyone is interested, online course for teachers from ISRO ..... May 31 to June 04 ....
It is recommended that science teachers in the school under your jurisdiction conduct this course

The school file has to keep various information. A separate time has been fixed for the maintenance of a separate file. 

Variouss registers like school income outgoing register, age register, guardian form are maintained. A deadstock register is maintained at the school level for the preservation and registration of items. Different types of registers are set at different times.

 Through the file provided here, the teachers working in the school will be able to inform the principals about which registers need to be maintained for how long. 

Thee time to save the registers is different. Registers are maintained by the Principal. Different types of registers are maintained by the principal to keep a record of his work in the school.

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 It is very important to keep a record of the register. There are many registers that have to be maintained for life.

 General Register One such registration register has to be maintained for life. Since the importance of all types of registers varies, different times have been fixed for maintaining such registers. The guidelines given here explain what kind of details are written in different registers and how long the register needs to be kept.

These books will be very useful for students who are preparing for English Grammar.  This book will be very useful for students preparing for various external examsp for grammar and grammar preparation of English subject.

  It will be useful for various examinations conducted by Gujarat Public Service Commission and Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board.

Here is an understanding of some of the words used for request or command to learn English.  The tips given here will be very useful for those who want to start speaking English or learn how to change the English language.

  For those who do not know how to speak English or who want to learn English, an understanding of the different English words given here and the English sentences used in everyday life is given.

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