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PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. A PAN number is a ten-digit number in alphabets and numerical, or in 'alphanumeric' terms, that is allocated by the income tax department to all the taxpayers, and is unique with each individual. A PAN card contains information like PAN number, Name, DOB, and address. …

To get a PAN card, taxpayers can enrol themselves online. A PAN card can be made online through the following steps:

Go to the official website of NSDL or UTIISL.

On the website, look out for PAN card form or Form 49 and fill out the personal details.

After filling the details, upload the required documents.

Pay the online processing fee, which is ₹ 93.

After the successful completion of the form, the PAN card is delivered to the submitted address within 15 days.

PAN Card Eligibility

As per the clauses in the Income Tax Act, Indian residents under the following categories are eligible for a PAN Card registration:

People who pay tax or who are liable to pay tax to the IT Department.

Businessmen or self-employed professionals who earn an annual turnover of ₹ 5 Lakh or above.

People who carry imports or exports activities.

Registered Trusts, organisations and associations.

Types Of PAN Card

Types of PAN cards vary based on the taxpayer for whom it is made. Various types of PAN card are listed as follows:

PAN card for Individual taxpayers

PAN Card for a Company or organization

PAN cards for partnership firms or business units

PAN cards for Trusts and cooperative societies

PAN Card Documents

In order to enrol for a PAN card, there are certain documents required, irrespective of whether the application is made online or offline. These include: Address or Identity proofs such as Voter ID card, Passport, Aadhaar Card, or Driving License


Lost PAN Card

At times, a PAN card is lost or is misplaced. However, it is not something to worry about. In case of a PAN card lost, one can get a duplicate PAN card online. To apply for a duplicate PAN card, you just need to visit the official website and fill the PAN card form 49-A. After the successful completion and payment of fee, a duplicate PAN card is delivered within 45 days.

Tracking PAN Applications And Transactions

The Government has now enabled tracking of financial transactions through PAN numbers. This has been done through the Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) software. Applications and transactions can be traced on the PAN card official website or NDSL website by choosing the ‘Transaction status’ page and entering the transaction number and other details.

Structure Of PAN Card

A PAN card contains important information such as name, father's name, date of birth, address, signature, photograph, and PAN number. However, there is a particular format followed in allotment of a PAN number.

The PAN card number is a ten-digit alphanumeric figure; thus, it contains both numbers and alphabets. The first three letters of the ten-digit are alphabets; the fourth letter represents the category under which the taxpayer is categorized. For instance, the letter P is allocated to individual taxpayers, F to firms, C to companies, and L to the local authority. Further, the fifth letter is the initial of the card holder's surname. Out of the remaining five letters, the first four are numerics, while the last letter is an alphabet.

Do’s and Don’ts for Filling up PAN update Form

The form must be filled using only capital letters

Fill in all the fields for updating

Mobile number is compulsory for any updates to take place

Fill the form in English and the local language used at the time of enrolment

Make sure the form is filled only with current and relevant details

Names must not have salutations such as Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr

Make sure that the full and complete address is filled for the PAN to be dispatched to the address

Enter name clearly with signature or thumbprints when self-attesting supporting documents

Attach relevant documents that support the required update only

Incorrect information and lack of support documents will cause the application to be rejected

Lost PAN card?

If you have lost your PAN card, not to worry. Apply for a duplicate PAN card online or offline. Login on to NSDL or UTIITSL website, Fill the form 49-A for Indian citizen or Form 49-AA in case of a foreigner and make the payment online for a duplicate copy of your PAN card. The PAN will be dispatched within 45 days.


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How long is the PAN card valid?

The PAN is valid for lifetime.

Can PAN card be made online?

Yes. PAN can be made online through the following steps:

Visiting the official PAN – NSDL/UTIITSL website

Fill the form 49A or 49AA for (Indian/Foreigner) with your details.

Submit the required documents.

Pay the processing fee.

PAN will be dispatched within 15 days.

Tracking PAN Applications and Transactions

The Income Tax Business Application (ITBA) has now enabled tracking facility for transactions made with PAN for calculation of tax purposes.

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