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Name Prarthana or (Prarthana) means Prayer. This name comes under number 29, so Astrology can describe lot information about Prarthana. According to astrology, those who have the power number 29 are like to gain anything through the help their experience.

What is the meaning/definition of Prarthana ?

Is Prarthana male or female and what people use it most often?

The name Prarthana has origin as Assamese, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Prarthana is a Girl/Female name

Prarthana means: Prayer

Name and meaning/definition of Prarthana

Prarthana is a Girl/Female baby name and origin is Assamese, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu

Prarthana, Girl/Female means: Prayer

In Assamese, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, the name Prarthana is most often used as the name of a Girl/Female. And in Assamese, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, the Girl/Female name Prarthana means Prayer

Prayer destroys frustration and negative emotions by making a person’s thoughts and desires positive.

Praying constantly helps our brain to hold on to clean thoughts and to heal our mental disorders. In fact, prayer makes us humble and invaluable, requiring each person’s nature.

વાર્તા સાંભળવા માટે નંબર +916357390234 સેવ કરી તમારા ફોન ઉપરથી મિસકોલ મારજો એટલે તમને સામેથી એક કોલ આવશે જેનાથી તમે વાર્તા સાંભળી શકશો.

Our website contains a prayer that is useful in school. Which you’ll transfer by pressing the transfer button.

TEACHERS and parents of students of the Glow ell Preparatory School in Port more, St Catherine, met Thursday for the school’s annual prayer breakfast.

The school’s founder and principal Gloria Jack, said teachers and parents meet once a year, in November, to give thanks to Almighty God, through prayers.Our website contains a prayer that is useful in school. Which you’ll transfer by pressing the transfer button.

Prathana Pothi and Dhun Pdf

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School Prathna

01-Ya kundedu tusaarhar dhavla -Sarsvati vanana-(Prathna).mp3

02-Om tat Sat shree narayan tu-(Prathna).mp3

03-Vashn vajan to jene kahiye je-(Prathna).mp3

04-Jivan Panth ujanv-(Prathna).mp3

05-Maitri bhav nu Pavitra jaranu-(Prathna).mp3

06-Mangal mandir kholo dayamy-(Prathna).mp3

07-Asatyo maahe thi prabhu param satye tu lai Ja-(Prathna).mp3

08-Lo Iswar Tane Bhajiye-(Prathna).mp3

09-JIvan Anjali thajo maru-(Prathna).mp3

10-Jakho Jakho divo maaro joje re bujay na-(Prathna).mp3

11-Shree Ram Chandra krupalu bhajmay-(Prathna).mp3

12-Vande Mataram-(Prathna).mp3

13-Jan Gan man Adhi-(Prathna).mp3

14-Ya devi Sarv bhuteshu-(Prathna).mp3

15-He ma Sharda He ma sharda-(Prathna).mp3

16-Mandir taaru visv rupalu-(Prathna).mp3

17-rakh sada tav charne-(Prathna).mp3

18-Ame to Nana tara baal Amari Tu leje sambhal-(Prathna).mp3

19-Raghupati Raghav raja ram-(Prathna).mp3

20-Vijay visvti ranga pyara-(Prathna).mp3

21-Vandan kariye shree prabhu charne-(Prathna).mp3

22-O prabhu maaru divy jivan-(Prathna).mp3

23-He prabhu Anand Data Gyan ham ko dijiye-(Prathna).mp3

24-Bhulo Bhale biju badhu Ma baap ne Bhulso Nahi-(Prathna).mp3

25-Ek j de chinGaari-(Prathna).mp3

26-E Malik tere Bande ham-(Prathna).mp3

27-Ek Tuhi bharosa Ek tuhi sahara-(Prathna).mp3

28-Guru Brahm Gruru Vishnu-(Prathna).mp3

29-Ham ko man Ki shakti Dena-(Prathna).mp3

30-Iswar Allah tere Nam sabko Sanmati de bhagvan-(Prathna).mp3

31-Itani Shakti Hame dena data-(Prathna).mp3

32-Jaise Suraj ki Garmi Se jalte huve Man ko mil jaye-(Prathna).mp3

33-Jise suraj ki Garmi se-(Prathna).mp3

34-Prabho E Prarthana Mari-(Prathna).mp3

35-Raghupati Raghav rajaram-(Prathna).mp3

36-Saty Ahinsa chori na karvi-(Prathna).mp3

37-TERI HAI ZAMEEN TERA-(Prathna).mp3

38-Teri Panah me Hame rakhna-(Prathna).mp3

39-Tu Pyar ka Sagar he-(Prathna).mp3

40-Tumhi ho Mata Tumhi ho pita-(Prathna).mp3

41-Vande Mataram-(Prathna).mp3

42-Jay Krishna Kanaiyalalji-(Prathna).mp3

43-Shrikrishnaji Sharanam Mam-(Prathna).mp3

44-Panchdev stavan-(Prathna).mp3

45- O Ishwar-(Prathna).mp3

46-Pita ame tuj Balako-(Prathna).mp3

47-Ame Magi e Ish O Prem Taro-(Prathna).mp3

48-Lagi Shamaliya su Prita-(Prathna).mp3

49-Aho Devna Dev-(Prathna).mp3

50- Dhanya Prabhu-(Prathna).mp3

“We salute and celebrate you, our parents. We celebrate you because you have been chosen by the Almighty God for his heritage because children are the heritage of the Lord. Parenthood is a life-long journey; as long as you’re alive you will be parenting,” said Jack. He has a direct line, a line that never goes busy, and a line that is always working. He is a person who we can always talk with because, regardless of what we may think, He is the Almighty.”

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