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An investigation has been handed over to the CID Crime Branch against 17 teachers who submitted false medical certificates for district transfer.  Minister of State for Home Affairs of Gujarat Government Pradeep Singh Jadeja said.

Various transfer rules have been framed by the government for primary school primary teachers in the state of Gujarat.  These rules have also been changed from time to time as required. 

 These rules have been framed by the Government of Gujarat so that the teachers working as teachers in the primary schools of the State of Gujarat can stay with their families and get the benefit of the homeland.  

From time to time the Government has made transfer rules for the benefit of the teachers who are working as primary teachers away from their hometowns.  No transfer rules have been framed so that both the spouses performing duty in the primary school can perform their duties in a taluka or district if they are different.  

If a primary school teacher is suffering from a serious illness and such primary school teachers are working away from their hometowns, then these transfer rules have been framed for the benefit of their hometowns.  

Husband and wife performing duty in different places or in different districts can perform duty in the same district, in the same taluka or in the same village.

Transfer camps for teachers have been held online for a long time.  From time to time the government organizes no-change camps for teachers so that the teachers who are working away from their hometowns can get the benefit of their hometown as well as work in a place convenient to them.  

The transfer camps are run by the government.  Teachers benefit a lot from the teacher transfer camp. They can work near their hometown or in a convenient place.  Teacher transfer camps have been organized during the year .  Why this change has to be done online.

Here is a recent circular issued by the government as the best teacher.  An application form is also provided for those teacher friends who want to apply as the best teacher.  


જિલ્લા ફેરબદલી માટે ખોટા મેડિકલ પ્રમાણપત્ર રજૂ કરનાર 17 શિક્ષકો સામે CID ક્રાઇમ બ્રાન્ચ ને તપાસ સોંપવામાં આવી છે. ગુજરાત સરકાર નાં ગૃહરાજ્યમંત્રી શ્રી પ્રદીપ સિંહ જાડેજા સાહેબ એ જણાવ્યું હતું. આ અંગે ABP ASMITA નો NEWS REPORTS જોવા -  CLICK HERE

Teacher friends who are doing excellent work in the society and in the field of education can participate in this competition.  Teachers who have done good academic work during the duty and have a good expectation for the society can participate in this competition. 

 The main objective of the Best Teacher Competition is to encourage teachers to excel in the academic and social spheres in the society. 

 When such teachers are honored as well as encouraged, other teachers from them take inspiration to do such excellent academic social work.

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