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The big decision of CM Rupani amidst the crisis of Corona, will be of great benefit to these people

In the list of the Agriculture Welfare Department it is stated that ....

The State Agriculture Welfare Department further states in the list that according to NABARD's credit policy, short term crop loans are provided to farmers in the state at the rate of 3% through credit institutions, out of which 3% interest relief is provided by Government of India to farmers who repay their loans on time.

  Is pro vided.  While 3% interest relief is provided by Gujarat Government.  As a result, crop loans are available to such farmers of Gujarat at zero percent interest rate.

 The government took the decision for the farmers considering Corona

 The second wave of Covid-19 has also seen an increase in epidemic cases since March 2021.  

As a result, even in the current year, farmers  A situation has arisen where the loan cannot be repaid by 31-08-2021.  In these circumstances, Dat.  01-09-20 to Dt.  Deadline for repayment of crop loan amount by farmers who have taken crop loan through co-operative credit structure till 30-08-20.  

The state government under the guidance of Chief Minister Vijay Bhai Rupani has decided to extend it till 30-08-2021.

 What to do?

 As a result of which the farmers through the cooperative credit structure dt.  01-09-20 to Dt.  Deadline for repayment of crop loan amount which has been taken by 30-08-2020.  30-08-2021 has been increased.  Ta.  01-09-2021 to date.  Amount to be credited or amount to be credited on 30-08-2021.  Farmers of Co-operative Credit Scheme who repay crop loans by 30-02-201 or by the date whichever is earlier the farmers actually repay the crop credit.  It has been decided to pay the relief amount by the state governmentthe midst of the growing core crisis in Gujarat, some important decisions have been taken in the core committee meeting held at Gandhinagar today.

Increase in stipend for intern and resident doctors by 40%

Extended service to employees retiring on April 30

The decision was taken by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani at the core committee meeting

These decisions will be very useful to the state's interns as well as postgraduate resident doctors and officers and employees who have retired on April 30, 2021.

The state government has decided to increase the existing stipend of interns as well as postgraduate resident doctors working in the state government and GMERS medical colleges with effect from April 1, 2021. Taken at a meeting of the Core Committee chaired by Chief Minister Vijay Bhai Rupani.

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6401 doctors will get benefits

As many as 6401 such doctors  will benefit from this decision. The Chief Minister has taken this decision in the wider interest of these health doctors who are constantly on duty day and night as the frontline warrior of Koro infection control as well as the treatment service of infected people 

Retired officers and employees will benefit on April 30, 2021

All the officers-employees of the state health system including medical / technical / non-technical who are retiring or are about to retire during April 30, 201 to June 30, 201, their services Will be extended till 31st July, 2021. The officer-employee's date. Retirement orders dated April 30, 2012 have also been canceled and their services will continue till July 31.

The Chief Minister has also decided that such serving health officers-employees under the State Panchayat and Urban Development Department will also benefit from this decision.

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