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 Ms.  Jayashree Dewangan (GAS), ASPD, Samagra Shiksha, Government of Gujarat and Ms.  Kulsum Ghanchi, Officer from Vocational and Career Guidance Center Ahmedabad will interact with students and teachers on how to make career in various kind of government service.

At present, every parent is bothering their children and students about their future career issues. Often parents or students cannot make the right career decision due to lack of proper information.

 After Std. 12, there are career opportunities in various fields  Here is the latest information published by the Government of Gujarat, which is expected to be useful to every parent and student.

If the result of Std. 12 is out-passed, they will be naturally happy, but at the same time there is also confusion as to what to do next?  In which course-which college-which university should one get admission?  Which course will be in demand tomorrow?  

There are so many questions and different answers to each of these questions.  A friend gives one piece of advice, another friend gives another piece of advice, mommy-daddy's friends, relatives all give heaps of advice about what to do after standard 12.

 what information to trust?  All I have to say here is that if you take admission in any discipline - stay at the top - stay ahead, tomorrow is yours .... let's know some more options.

 let's think again about some basic but important things and then our  Let's decide for ourselves.

 IT Professional without doing Std-12 Science!

 Do Certificate in Computer C (CIC) course of Indira Gandhi National Open University along with BA course.  Then you can do BCA and also MCA will be easy.

 Which form to fill if there are arts subjects?

Hotel Management's Bachelor's Digi course is in Gujarat and outside Gujarat.  Admission will be available everywhere.

 If you want to do BA, it is better to do it in subjects like English and Economics.

  Filling the PTC form to become a primary teacher.

  If you like drawing, fill up the form in Art Teacher Diploma.

are shown in Figure 1.2.  Cutter - Introduction 3.

DA વધારા બાબત સમાચાર 14 જુલાઈ 2021 

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The Bachelor of Performing Arts offers courses in dance, drama and music.

 You can also do a foundation course for a chartered accountant or company secretary.  There is also a cost accountant course.

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