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These schools will have strengthened physical and digital infrastructure, performance-linked investment and infrastructure augmentation, in addition, to focus on academic excellence, foundation learning, higher-order thinking skills and new age learning experiences. Thus, attract more students.

The Gujarat government has decided to upgrade 50 per cent of its total schools as ‘schools of excellence’. The plan is expected to cover 85 per cent — nearly one crore — of total students enrolled in the 40,000 government schools across Gujarat.

Nearly 20,000 schools, including 15,000 primary and 5,000 secondary schools, with an enrollment of 150 or more students will be upgraded as ‘schools of excellence’ to attract students from adjoining areas to these schools. The plan aims to bring down the number of ‘non-viable’ schools. Earlier the state government had planned to merge schools, but it could not be implemented due to opposition from various quarters.

 designed to create a strong foundation through a realigned and consolidated school network in the K-12 segment. Mission Schools of Excellence Gujarat Roadmap prepared by Department of Primary & Secondary Education, Government of Gujarat. All schools under the School Excellence Programme will follow a hub-and-spoke model that will support ‘spoke’ schools in improving their quality. Read full details about Schools of Excellence Gandhinagar and Schools Excellence Programme Gujarat from this article.

School Excellence Programme Gujarat

School Excellence Programme Gujarat or Mission Schools of Excellence is an endeavor to provide world class School Education across all districts, blocks and clusters of the State by transforming schools into:

  • Residential Schools of Excellence: Setting up total of 350 Residential Schools for Grades 6-12 @ minimum of 1 in every taluka. This will be achieved through upgradation of existing schools.
  • Emerging Schools of Excellence – Transforming existing 6,000 Primary Government Schools @ minimum of 1 in every cluster. Priority will be given to schools having >300 Students.
  • Aspirational Schools of Excellence – Transforming existing 9000 Primary Government Schools with >150 Students and 5000 Secondary & Higher Secondary Government and Grant-in-Aid Schools.
  • Read full details about Schools Excellence Programme Gujarat.

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