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Mass promotion has been given by Gujarat government to the students studying in Gujarat state schools.  The decision has been taken by the government in the interest of the health of the students in view of the serious situation of Corona in the state. 

 The Gujarat government has decided not to allow students to take exams so that their health is not endangered.  Mass promotion for students in such situation is given by the government.  

However, keeping in view the education of the students, a program called Gyan Setu has been launched by the government and the education department of the Gujarat government so that the students can start their own education. 

 Gyansetu program achieved among students last year.

For students studying in Std. 3 to 8, understanding of Gujarati grammar and Gujarati essay is given.  Students are asked about essay in Gujarati subject in various exams.  

An understanding of Gujarati essay series is given here so that students can write essays well in Gujarati language and gain an understanding of the essay.  Gujarati essay for Gujarati language essay is given here so that students can write about Gujarati grammar and Gujarati essay in the exam.

Here is an understanding about Hindi essay for students studying in Gujarat state schools to study Hindi essay.  The Hindi essay series is given here for the benefit of primary school and secondary school students and for them to write their essay in Hindi subject.  

An attempt has been made here to give an understanding of Hindi essay series and Hindi essay so that students can study Hindi subject well and students can write Hindi essay.  Students who are studying in primary school and secondary school are studying a subject as a Hindi subject. 

It is very important for them to write an essay to prepare for the exam.  Through this blog, students can study Hindi essays and essay series and prepare for exams.

Schools and colleges were closed for a long time because of Corona.  It is yet to be decided when the school colleges will open.  Students will not be given mass promotion.  According to the news report, the government does not want mass promotion this year either. 

 Mass promotions were given by the government last year when schools and colleges were closed due to coronavirus.  According to a news release, mass promotion will not be given this year.  School-colleges have been closed for a long time due to coronavirus for the years 2020 and 2021.  

Students are being taught using various mediums with the help of teachers.  Education is being imparted to the school-college students through E-class as well as with the help of various mediums through DD Girnar of the students.  

Exams can also be taken using it.  It has been said that this time no student will be given mass promotion without examination.

 In view of the current situation of Corona epidemic, the decision of the Government to open the school has been postponed for the time being. 

 The Government has withdrawn its decision by Shri.  In such a situation the importance of marriage increases a lot when schools no longer have to open considering the current situation of Corona.

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The importance of home learning is proving to be very important for every student at a time when the educational work of primary schools, high schools and secondary and higher secondary schools as well as colleges is closed due to the current situation of Guru.  

Considering the current situation of Corona, online education is being imparted to the students from Std. 1 to Std. 12 through DD Girnar and through Diksha Portal.

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