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The Government of Gujarat has implemented Gyansetu program for students studying in primary school and for students studying in secondary school.  

Due to the closure of schools and colleges for a long time, a bridge course called Gyan Setu has been started with the aim of enabling students to study in the previous academic year.

The next standard of the standard in which the students are currently studying is studied through the Gyansetu program.  Students have been deprived of education due to the closure of schools and colleges for a long time.  

Students were taught online by the teachers of the schools.  The students were staying at home and getting their education through various mediums.  

Sincere efforts were made by the school teachers and the government to provide the best education to the students through the YouTube initiation portal and Microsoft. 

 For a long time, real education was discontinued in schools and colleges, and school and college students were taught online.  

Given the current situation, schools and colleges are still closed.  A bridge course called Gyan Setu has been prepared by the government for the purpose of strengthening the foundation of the students studying in secondary and primary education in the previous year and in the previous year.  

Efforts are being made to strengthen the foundation of the students through a bridge course called Gyansetu by revising the standard of study from the standard to the standard of the students who are currently studying.

Given the current situation, the government is making efforts so that students can study at their best.  

While the teachers of primary and secondary schools are also thinking that the students should get the best education, the government is making efforts to provide the best education to the students through the Gyan Setu program.  

The government will try to impart education to the students through Gyansetu program.  The Gyansetu program will be launched and started by the government in a month.  

Students of Std. 1 to 12 studying in state schools will be able to take their education through this knowledge bridge program.  Arrangements have been made by the government so that students can complete their education through this knowledge bridge program. 

 After leaving, the students could not go to school due to the situation in Gujarat.  This year also, during the examination period, mass promotion of students was given by the government without taking the examination, keeping in view the health interests of the students, creating a situation of corona in the state.  

The examination was organized by the government to find out where the students who have been given mass promotions are in education.  Students could also take the exam while coming or going to school.  In this examination, question papers were delivered to the students at home. 

The students were to stay at home and answer the question papers.  School education was entered online.  Yes the online entry was made by the teachers of the school based on the marks obtained by the students in the examination.  

Based on the marks obtained by the students, it was possible to know which study results the students could not make.  Through this Gyan Setu program of the Government of Gujarat, an attempt will be made to make the study conclusions and give an understanding to the students which they have not been able to achieve. 

 This knowledge bridge program run through DD Girnar channel will be very useful for the students and for the education of the students.  Through Gyansetu program, students will be able to get a good education at home through DD Girnar channel.  

The Gyan Setu program will actually serve as a bridge between students' old studies and New Year's studies.  With the help of this knowledge bridge program, students will be taught a variety of subject matter which they did not understand in the last year through DD Girnar channel. 

 Students will be able to get education at home through E class.  During this one month students will try to re-understand the various subject matter learned last year as well as try to overcome it so that they can easily understand the subject matter in the current year. 

 This knowledge bridge program started by the government will be helpful in educating the students.

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Students studying in government and secondary primary schools as well as those studying in government secondary schools can study well in the next standard and efforts are being made by the government to make good progress in their education. 

 For students who are currently studying in school but cannot get every education in school, Gyansetu program proves to be a great blessing for the progress of education.

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