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Considering the current situation of the state, in the first phase, the students were imparted education through Gyansetu so that the students could get the best education.  Students who did not understand their syllabus well in the previous year were reinstated in the next year's syllabus through Gyansetu.  

Through this knowledge bridge program, students were provided knowledge of various subjects and education of various subjects through various mediums. 

 Online education was arranged by the government through DD Girnar and YouTube so that all students in the state could benefit from education.  The government has started teaching students their curriculum next July so that the education of students can continue even in the current situation. 

 Arrangements have been made by the government and the education department of the state government to enable the students to get education at home using various mediums in the near future.

At Gandhinagar, said that tele-bridge programs will be broadcast by Television DD Girner and You Tube, all students of standard 1 to 10 are included. 

Apart from this, the Baisag will also be broadcast on the standard 1 to 10 programs by GCERT and secondary education board on the Gujarat Channel. What is the Home Learning Program? Students who do not have the students who have TV or Mobile for the home learning program, for students who do not have the TV or mobile, and the students prepared by GCERT, which is prepared by the District, and the students are distributed to the district, even by the teachers who are distributed by the district. 

Along with this, the textbooks are currently on the work of the textbooks at home and the arrangement of these books or academic materials will have to arrange for timely students who will have to do the local system of district. Audio visual content can be seen by the QR code: This textbook feature is that, audio visual content can be seen by the Medium of the QR code. 

To ensure the home learning program will contact the phone and students with the phone and guide students to remove the difficulties. Online education has also been organized by the administration of the state government school teachers.




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Post Date :- 30/07/2021

Employees will get bonuses
The remaining amount of inflation allowance will also be deposited
6 months dearness allowance will be received simultaneously

Due to this important decision of Gujarat Government, most of the employees will get spare protection.  If the number of secondary and higher secondary students decreased, surplus was provided.  According to the new circular of the government, from now on all the academic and non-academic staff will be given surplus protection.  

Academic and non-academic staff will not be laid off in case of closure of schools or decrease in the number of students.  This decision taken by the government has created an atmosphere of happiness even among the working class.  Employees who have so far feared being fired due to declining numbers or school closures have the opportunity to feel relieved.

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