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Deshi hisab vidhyarthio mate paya nu gyan puru pade chhe. Dhoran 1 thi 5 mate kakko,mulaxaro abe any paya ni mahtv ni babato shikhavava aa khub j jaruri chhe.

At Gandhinagar, said that tele-bridge programs will be broadcast by Television DD Girner and You Tube, all students of standard 1 to 10 are included. 

Apart from this, the Baisag will also be broadcast on the standard 1 to 10 programs by GCERT and secondary education board on the Gujarat Channel. 

What is the Home Learning Program? Students who do not have the students who have TV or Mobile for the home learning program, for students who do not have the TV or mobile, and the students prepared by GCERT, which is prepared by the District, and the students are distributed to the district, even by the teachers who are distributed by the district. 

Along with this, the textbooks are currently on the homebook home and the arrangement of these books or educational materials will also be able to reach the timely students who reach the timely students. 

The QR code can be seen by the QR code Audio visual content is the specialty of this textbook To ensure the program of home learning will contact the phone and students with the phone and will guide students to remove the difficulties. 

The management will be organized by the organization's government school teachers, even if the state's government school is also organized.

This is an important decision taken by the Government of Gujarat for the education of students.  The app has been launched by the government so that students can get education easily. 

 This application has been created in a joint effort of the government and the education department so that the students can stay at home and study in this difficult situation.  

Arrangements have been made so that students can easily acquire knowledge of all subjects.

In the primary school of Gujarat, children are given shixan on the basis of activity.  The education given to children through activity is remembered for a long time.  Education provided by activity.




Under this scheme of Gujarat Government, interest subsidy on educational loan will be eligible to pay interest on education loan only for the duration of the prescribed course and up to one year. 

 Payment of interest on loan outstanding after completion of moratorium period will not be considered under this scheme.

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