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Here is a paragraph of English language.  Their knowledge of English can be tested based on how the student and other English language preparation students can read this paragraph.

Sincere efforts were made by the school teachers and the government to provide the best education to the students through the YouTube initiation portal and Microsoft.  For a long time, real education was discontinued in schools and colleges, and school and college students were taught online. 

 Given the current situation, schools and colleges are still closed.  A bridge course called Gyan Setu has been prepared by the government for the purpose of strengthening the foundation of the students studying in secondary and primary education in the previous year and in the previous year.  

Efforts are being made to strengthen the foundation of the students through the areas where the students are currently studying in the standard beyond the standard and the revision of the study beyond that standard.

Various transfer rules have been framed by the government for primary school primary teachers in the state of Gujarat.  These rules have also been changed from time to time as required.  These rules have been framed by the Government of Gujarat so that the teachers working as teachers in the primary schools of the State of Gujarat can stay with their families and get the benefit of the homeland.

  From time to time the Government has made transfer rules for the benefit of the teachers who are working as primary teachers away from their hometowns.  No transfer rules have been framed so that both the spouses performing duty in the primary school can perform their duties in a taluka or district if they are different.  

If a primary school teacher is suffering from a serious illness and such primary school teachers are working away from their hometowns, then these transfer rules have been framed for the benefit of their hometowns.  Husband and wife performing duty in different places or in different districts can perform duty in the same district, in the same taluka or in the same village.

દેશ ભક્તિ ગીત સ્પર્ધા નાં નિયમો અને અન્ય તમામ વિગતો વાંચવાં - CLICK HERE

This program of Home Learning started by the Department of Education so that all the students studying in the state can study all their subjects easily will prove to be very useful for all the students for their studies.

તમે આ ફકરો વાંચવા માટે પ્રયત્ન કરો. જુઓ કે તમને કેટલા શબ્દો વાંચવામાં મુશ્કેલી પડે છે. તમારું અંગ્રેજી શબ્દ ભંડોળ કેવું છે? જો તમે કોઈપણ પ્રકારની મુશ્કેલી વિના ફકરાના તમામ વાક્ય કે શબ્દ રીપીટ કર્યા વગર સરળતાથી અંગ્રેજી વાંચી શકો તો ખૂબ જ ઉત્તમ કહી શકાય.

અંગ્રેજી ફકરો વાંચવા માટે - CLICK HERE

Efforts are also being made to enable students who do not have access to television or mobile phones to study on their own at home with the help of school primary teachers as well as SMCs.
The next standard of the standard in which the students are currently studying is studied through the Gyansetu program.

  Students have been deprived of education due to the closure of schools and colleges for a long time.  Students were taught online by the teachers of the schools.  The students were staying at home and getting their education through various mediums.  

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