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English Speaking Practice; Spoken English in 60 days

English Speaking Practice; Spoken English in 60 days

In today's modern times, it is important that no child is deprived of the general knowledge of English. In general, most children find it difficult to learn English. Because learning English makes literature difficult for them.

 In addition, they often do not find literature that a child can easily understand and study at home. This literature has been prepared in an attempt to remove this raw material.

 In this literature, an attempt has been made to make the basic knowledge of English easily available to the children as well as to make them realize that they can teach on their own. 

If children are encouraged and given the help they need through education, the use of this literature will only arouse the interest of children in learning English, is the belief and confidence.

Passing through the manuscript of this booklet, the vision was to introduce English language to the students studying in the primary school easily. While the English language in general is complex, difficult and obscure a misconception that is widespread among the general public, this is a small but purposeful attempt to remove the difficulty that students feel in the introduction of English education by laughing and introducing English with the help of simple examples. Has been through the booklet.

 Congratulations to Mr. Rajeshbhai Patel, Navapura Primary School Teacher, Khambhat Taluka, the author and editor of the G-English booklet, which is designed to instill confidence in children that it is not

English speaking course.
difficult for them to learn English in particular. There is a belief that teachers-students can use this booklet to facilitate their English entry.

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