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The Government has withdrawn its decision by Shri. In such a situation the importance of marriage increases a lot when schools no longer have to open considering the current situation of Corona.

Teachers are now ordered to go to students' homes to make home learning effective.  A circular has been issued under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.  In which it is stated that under home learning, from June 15, Doordarshan, DD Girnar channel, Vande Gujarat will try to run virtual classrooms in the state.  Apart from this, home learning has been introduced through other mediums and different mediums like telephone contact.  Text books have also been delivered to the students at home by the teachers.  Students as well as parents need to be contacted by telephone to find out about the program.  So the teachers have been informed that as per the guideline given by NCERT, each teacher should contact at least 15 students or parents in his / her classroom.

 Students will have to go home and give an understanding about the course coming on TV.  And he will have to give all kinds of guidance.  The circular also said that the parents of 15 new students should be contacted on the next day and a register of the guidance given to the students should be maintained.  This decision has been taken by the education department under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.  It is important to note that in the past, the town primary education committee has tried to ensure that students do not lose their studies by delivering one month course books.

Given the current situation in Corona, the importance of home learning is proving to be very important for every student at a time when primary schools, high schools and secondary and higher secondary schools as well as colleges are closed.

Considering the current situation of Corona, students from Std. 1 to Std. 12 are being imparted online education through DD Girnar and through Diksha Portal. It is planned by the government that all students can take education at home.In view of the present situation, the government has made arrangements for all the students to get education at home.

Students can take education at home based on DD Girnar schedule.  It is also provided by the government to all students to learn at home. 

Students leaving the school are given a school leaving certificate when they complete their studies.  There are a few things to keep in mind when issuing a school leaving certificate.  The name of the student has to be written in full in the school leaving certificate.  Details like what standard the student is studying in and when he / she is studying have to be filled in very carefully.  The certificate has to be given in Gujarati or English language. 

 A school leaving certificate is issued to the student when he / she completes his / her studies in the school.  A student is given a school leaving certificate even if he / she is studying in that school and has to go to another school.  Date of birth is written in numbers and words.  The caste and sub-caste of the student is also mentioned in the school leaving certificate.  When a student submits such a school leaving certificate to another school, the details are written in the general register number of the school on the basis of this school leaving certificate. 

 School Leaving Certificate LC Book is kept for issuing school leaving certificate.  This Living Certificate Book is considered very important.  The numbers of all the certificates printed inside are written on the Leave Certificate Book.  A school leaving certificate is issued by the principal of the school when the student completes his / her studies or changes schools.


 All the learning outcomes that students learn through Om Learning can be verified from this home by how much they have achieved the learning outcomes.  When a student learns at home, fills or writes a book at home in his own way, he realizes that I have not yet reached any study conclusion.

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