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Ghare Shikhie Ekam Kasoti na Mulyankan Babat Video | Learn at Home Unit Test for Std 1 to 8

Ghare Shikhie Ekam Kasoti na Mulyankan Babat gcert Dvara Letter Karva ma Aavel chhe. Tema j Aa Video dvara Mulyankan Kevi rite Karvu Te Babate Pan Mahiti Aapel chhe. | Learn at Home Unit Test for Std 1 to 8

Home Learning Mulyankan (Kasoti) Babat GCERT no Letter, Date- 01/07/2020. Ghare Shikhie ane Home Learning Karyakram Online DD Girnar TV Channel Dvara Chalava ma Aave che. Aa Karyakram na Mulyankan Babate Ane Test Leva babat Aa Letter GCERT Gujarat Dvara Karva ma Aavel che.

NCERT gave a draft guideline to the center to start schools odd-even. Various notices have been issued by the Government regarding the epidemic of Kovid-19. The following instructions are published keeping in view the current situation regarding the commencement of educational activities in the new academic year in all government, non-government, grant-aided (GIA) and private (self-reliant) primary schools in Mahisagar district.

1) Admission in Std-1 and Std-9 should be started in all the primary schools of the district from 08/06/2020 and the work of data entry in the dias of the admitted students should be completed.  The head teacher / principal will have to keep the teachers required for this operation in the school as required.  Considering the work to be done on the basis of the number of students in the school concerned regarding which teacher should be present in the school, it should be ensured that the teacher is present as per the instruction of the head teacher / principal.

 2) Students who are provided free textbooks by the state government.  Such students will have to make arrangements to get the books from 08/06/2020 to 13/06/2020.  For this, the head teacher / principal of each school will have to plan in such a way that every student gets books accurately by following the guideline of the government and following the social destination completely.

 3) As per the notification of the Home Department of the Central Government, the students will not have to come to the school till 30/06/2020, but they will have to start the process of HOME LEARNING as per the curriculum at home.

 4) The process of HOME LEARNING of students (academic work) should be done at home.

 5) Educational programs for children will be broadcast on DD GIRNAR television channel from 15/06/2020.  The timetable will be given by GCERT and Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.  The head teacher / principal of the school will have to make arrangements for all the students to be informed about this broadcast through the teachers.

 6) In order for all the children to get maximum benefit from these programs, the headmaster / principal of each school should contact the student's guardian, SMC.  Etc. will have to be meticulously planned.

 7) Parents are also appealed to get the necessary help and cooperation so that their children can avail the maximum benefits of the distance education program to be aired by the State Government for HOME LEARNING of children.

 8) Cooking cost and distribution of foodgrains for lunch during the period of HOME LEARNING will be arranged by the State Government.  So that necessary arrangements have to be made for all the students to get the benefit of M.B.O.

 9) Private schools which have made arrangements for their students to get education at home, should not be deprived of such education even by the students admitted under RTE and arrangements should also be made to deliver printed literature to them.

GCERT Gandhinagar It is very useful for the educational and social development of the children.  It is great that gcert has recently launched a question bank one step ahead for the development of children's educational, social, mathematical, scientific and curious activities by using their intellectual capacity and doing great fun activities from the educational materials obtained by  It will also be very useful in this home learning as the answers to all the questions in this question bank have to be written using one's intellect and thinking as much as possible so that the child's thinking power will also develop and he will know the answer on his own. 

They will develop the ability to do something new and their ability to do calculations
This question bank pdf will be very useful to satisfy the curiosity of the children who always have a curiosity to do something new. In their minds this question will raise many questions by the bank and to solve it. 

Will try so that they will find new and new learning. This question bank they will try to solve the question by sitting with the parent so that the parent can also develop intimacy with the child.

 My dear visitors, such educational information is uploaded on my website on a daily basis. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Ghare Shikhie Ekam Kasoti na Mulyankan Babat Video | Learn at Home Unit Test for Std 1 to 8

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