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At Gandhinagar, he said that all the students of Std. 1 to 10 have been included in the educational programs to be telecast by Doordarshan DD Girnar.  Apart from this, GCERT and Board of Secondary Education will also broadcast Std. 5 to 12 programs on Vande Gujarat Channel by Bayseg. 

What is this Home Learning Program? Under this Home Learning Program for students who do not have TV or mobile facility  The educational activity or worksheet prepared by GCERT for 8 which is printed by the district and distributed to the students in a timely manner by the teachers is also planned.  

At the same time the delivery of textbooks by teachers from house to house is also in progress and the local bodies of the district will have to make arrangements for the timely delivery of these books or educational materials to the students.

  Audio visual content can be viewed through mobile.  To ensure the home learning program, the class teachers will contact the parents and students by phone and guide them to overcome the difficulties of the students. The education campaign will be conducted by the office.

The NEET EXAM PREPARATION program will be aired in collaboration with the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat to remove the waste of education left among the students.  Through this NEET EXAM PREPARATION program, arrangements have been made by the government so that students can also take knowledge of various subjects at home.  This NEET EXAM PREPARATION program will be a boon for the students who could not get education or could not go to school due to Corona's condition in the state last year.

Students studying in Std. 1 to 8 in primary school were given learning literature at home by the government.  The marks obtained by the students during the examination of this literature have to be done online.

  Currently, the marks for the months of July and August are to be done online. Here, an axle seat has been provided which will be used for automatic calculation.

In view of the present situation, the government has made arrangements for all the students to get education at home.  The government runs an activity called Safe Nest for the purpose of imparting knowledge to the children along with the activity.  This system is known as home learning by the government. 

 For the purpose of providing education to the children by the government, through DD Girnar, through the youtube channel as well as through the Diksha portal application prepared, the children can get education at home. 

 Students who do not have smartphones available can take their education at home on GTV or even through the Baysag channel.  The government has provided the user ID and password of the application called Microsoft Team to all the students studying in the schools.  

All the teachers of the school have also been provided with the user ID and password of Microsoft application in the same way prepared by the government.  Teachers and students can also learn from home by logging in using the user ID and password provided in the Microsoft team.  

School teachers have to prepare Microsoft's timetable.  The timetable created by the Microsoft team is delivered to the students.  This provides online education to children corresponding to the timetable. 

 The students of the school can also take education at home with the help of Microsoft team.  Efforts are being made by the government to ensure that students are not deprived of education by using various applications and mediums.

  This task has been responsibly assigned to all the officers involved in education so that not a single student of the state of Gujarat will be deprived of education.

The students of the school are currently taking education through various mediums.  During home learning, teachers are teaching students through Microsoft team, DD Girnar and YouTube.  

The government has asked the school teachers to start home learning system as schools cannot be reopened in the near future due to cores.  Arrangements have been made for the school teachers to use various mediums so that the students can sit at home and take education.

  The Home Study Book has been provided by the government to check the various education taken by the students of the school through home learning.  Students can learn how much they have accomplished in the various topics learned through home learning in the Home Learning Book.

  In this situation of the current Corona epidemic, students are staying at home and taking education through various means.  As per the guidelines given by the government, in the present situation, since the students cannot be called to the school, arrangements have been made for the students to study at home. 

 Home learning has been arranged so that students can get education at home without coming to school.  Students cannot stop their education because they cannot come to school.  In order to continue the education of the students, arrangements have been made to impart education to the students using various mediums.  

Students can get education with the help of QR code in DD Girnar, Diksha application and also through YouTube.  Students who do not have any arrangement for getting education at home are asked to make arrangements for education at other place in the village where television facility is available.

The school students are taking education currently through various means. During Home Learning, teachers are teaching students from Microsoft Team, DD Girator and Youtube.

 The government has not been able to open the home learning arrangement by the school teachers due to the schools due to corona due to corona. The school teachers have been arranged for using different media to use different media. 

The school students have been booked by the government to learn at home by the government to test different education from the medium of home learning. 

Students can learn how many different issues in the book by their own home learning in the book can be learned at this book. In this situation of the existing corona's pestilence, students are taking education through various means of their home. 

According to the guidance given by the government, the students can be called in the school in this situation, because students have been arranged to take education at home. 

DATE 15/07/2021


STD 1 શાળા તત્પરતા - CLICK HERE

STD 2 Gujarati -  CLICK HERE
STD 3 Gujarati -  CLICK HERE
STD 4 Gujarati - CLICK HERE

STD 5 Gujarati -  CLICK HERE

STD 6 Gujarati -  CLICK HERE

STD 7 Gujarati - CLICK HERE

STD 8 Gujarati -   CLICK HERE

STD 9 Gujarati -  CLICK HERE

STD 10 Gujarati -  CLICK HERE


DATE 14/07/2021


STD 1 શાળા તત્પરતા - CLICK HERE

STD 2 ગણિત -   CLICK HERE
STD 3 ગણિત -   CLICK HERE

STD 5 અંગ્રેજી -  CLICK HERE

STD 6 અંગ્રેજી -   CLICK HERE

STD 7 અંગ્રેજી - CLICK HERE
STD 8 અંગ્રેજી -    CLICK HERE

STD 9 અંગ્રેજી -   CLICK HERE

STD 10 અંગ્રેજી -  CLICK HERE

STD 10 ગણિત  - CLICK HERE

Pupils have been arranged for home learning for those who can not get education in their own home. His education can not be closed due to students who do not come to school. To begin the teaching of the students, the management of teaching has been started to educate the various media. 

Students can also get education in the DD Girator, the initiation app using QR code and by youtube. Students who do not have any system of students who do not get education in the other place in the village where television facilities are available to manage education.

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