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The next standard of the standard in which the students are currently studying is studied through the Gyansetu program. Students have been deprived of education due to the closure of schools and colleges for a long time.

Students were taught online by the teachers of the schools. The students were staying at home and getting their education through various mediums.  

Sincere efforts were made by the school teachers and the government to provide the best education to the students through the YouTube initiation portal and Microsoft.  For a long time, real education was discontinued in schools and colleges, and school and college students were taught online.  Given the current situation, schools and colleges are still closed.

  A bridge course called Gyan Setu has been prepared by the government for the purpose of strengthening the foundation of the students studying in secondary and primary education in the previous year and in the previous year.  

Efforts are being made to strengthen the foundation of the students through the areas where the students are currently studying in the standard beyond the standard and the revision of the study beyond that standard.

Students cannot go to school at this time of the Corona epidemic.  The teacher cannot teach the students.  Students are unable to attend school. 

The government will not allow students to stop studying.  The government has devised a home learning system so that children can study at home. 

 Students who cannot go to school are taught through various mediums so that they can study at home.  Students are taught online by teachers with the help of DD Girnar as well as through youtube channel.  

Students who do not have television available at their homes can also study with the help of smartphones.  Students are taught online by teachers using Microsoft.  

Teachers also teach students by joining them in E class.The government has made arrangements for students to get education at home when schools have been closed for the last one year.  

A time sheet is issued by the government on the education programs aired on DD Girnar.  This time sheet is communicated to the students by the state government at the district level as well as through the BRC and CRC at the district level with the help of school principals and teachers.  

The programs to be aired on DD Girnar are promoted and disseminated by the school teachers.  Arrangements are made to reach out to all students.  

Arrangements are made for all students to watch this home learning program on DD Girnar on a regular basis.  Every effort is made by the teachers to ensure that all the students regularly watch the educational programs aired on DD Girnar. 

 Teachers also visit students' homes to check how many students are watching the program regularly.The government has also made arrangements for the education of students who do not have access to television.  

Students are given textbooks by the school which are given QR code in the textbooks.  Students can scan this QR code and study at home through the initiation portal.  All the students of Std. 9 to 12 can get knowledge of various subjects through Diksha Portal.  

Arrangements have also been considered to provide education to students who do not have access to television or mobile phones.  Students who do not have a television or a mobile phone can sit in their neighborhood and have access to a television at home.  

With the help of the school teachers and the school management committee, arrangements are made for students who do not have a television or mobile phone to study at the home of other students in the village. 

 Arrangements have also been made for the students of the surrounding schools to get education with the help of the students educated in the village. 

 A student educated in the village can impart education to the students following the guidelines as well as the policy-rules of the government corona to help the students in the school.

A recent circular issued by the government also states that those who have old mobile phones in the village should be given these mobile phones to the students who do not have any kind of instrument. 

 According to the government's guideline, the students do not have television or any kind of love so that they can get an education. Such an arrangement has been considered so that such students are not deprived of education. 

 If the villagers have such phones, the KJ phones are brought to the school by the school teachers and the school management committee who do not use them and arrangements are made to distribute these mobiles to the needy students.  

DATE 10/07/2021


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The government has made arrangements to make education accessible to all students through home learning.  The government has made arrangements so that not a single student is deprived of education.

  Education has been arranged for all the students through various mediums so that all the students of Gujarat can get education.

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