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Home learning is a very important step of Gujarat government.  A project called Home Learning has been launched by the government to enable students to pursue their education in this difficult situation.  

The government is taking this decision in the interest of the students.  If school colleges are started at such a time, there is a real danger that students will get infected with this situation. 

 It is not appropriate to call students to school at such a critical time.  Even if the education of the students is stopped, it cannot be afforded.

  At such a time a project called home learning has been launched by the government using various mediums to educate the students.  Under this project called Home Learning, education is imparted to the students by the government using various mediums. 

 A schedule of DD Girnar is issued by the government.  After issuing the academic timetable on DD Girnar, this timetable is delivered to the school principals and teachers through BRC CRC.  

Information about the educational programs broadcast on DD Girnar by the school teachers is conveyed to the students.  Efforts are being made by the school teachers to reach out to the students of the school the schedule of various educational programs not to be aired on DD Girnar.

  The schedule of various educational programs to be aired on Girnar is posted in the public places of the village.  DD Girnar's timetable affixed on the public places of the village helps the students to know when the standard program is to be aired.  

Using this time sheet, students can view their standard program on DD Girnar.  The government has also set up a system to show educational programs to all students using various mediums and students can get education in an orderly manner. This system is known as home learning.  Apart from this, students are also educated by the government through YouTube.  Students who have a smartphone available are sent a link to youtube.  

Have been delivered to school teachers.  The school teachers have created a whatsapp group of students who have smartphones available.  All the teachers of the school create their own standard whatsapp groups and put the youtube link of this educational program in this whatsapp group.  

Students can watch the educational program with the help of this youtube link.  The government has made arrangements so that students who have smartphones available can also get education with the help of YouTube.  

Students who have a smartphone available are given a user ID and password for the Microsoft Team app.  The government has set up a system for all students studying in the school with the help of Microsoft team which is also known as home learning system.

For the education of students in the state of Gujarat, home learning has been organized by the Gujarat government so that students can study at home.

In the current situation, this LEARNING has been arranged by the government so that the students studying in schools and colleges can get education even while doing it.

The government has tried to educate the students using various means so that the students who cannot go to school or college can get their education at home.

The Education Department of the Government of Gujarat provides online education to the students through e-classes for the purpose of providing education to the students.

An online education system has been set up by the government's education department to ensure that students studying in schools and colleges start their education well.

Considering the current situation of the state, in the first phase, the students were imparted education through Gyansetu so that the students could get the best education.

Students who did not understand their syllabus well in the previous year were reinstated in the next year's syllabus through Gyansetu. Through this knowledge bridge program, students were provided knowledge of various subjects and education of various subjects through various mediums.

Online education was arranged by the government through DD Girnar and YouTube so that all students in the state could benefit from education.

The government has started teaching students their curriculum next July so that the education of students can continue even in the current situation.

Arrangements have been made by the government and the education department of the state government to enable the students to get education at home using various mediums in the near future.

With the joint efforts of the State Government and the Education Department of the Government, a sincere effort is being made to provide education to the students using various mediums so that all the students can get online education.

Primary School Teachers Secondary School Teachers Efforts are being made to ensure that students get the best education through various means. Students are being taught through education and using various mediums.

Students are also being imparted education through street education so that the students studying in the school can continue their education.

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In the current situation, the students are making efforts to get education at home through the efforts of the government and the education department. 

 Students are being imparted education using various mediums like street education, youtube dd Girnar Diksha portal so that all students can get education at home. 

 An effort has been launched by the government to provide education to the students through YouTube and DD Girnar so that the students can continue their education at home.

Here is a sample so that children can sit at home and do lessons during this 21-day Diwali vacation when Diwali vacation has been declared in schools by the Gujarat State Government. Through this attack, children will be able to sit at home and study on their own.  

Given the current situation, the government is making efforts so that students can study at their best.  While the teachers of primary and secondary schools are also thinking that the students should get the best education, the government is making efforts to provide the best education to the students through the Gyan Setu program. 

 Students studying in government and secondary primary schools as well as those studying in government secondary schools can study well in the next standard and efforts are being made by the government to make good progress in their education. 

 For students who are currently studying in school but cannot get every education in school, Gyansetu program proves to be a great blessing for the progress of education.

 Efforts are also being made to enable students who do not have access to television or mobile phones to study on their own at home with the help of school primary teachers as well as SMC.

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