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SDP is very important for school.Here gives word file for school devlopment plan.

CONCEPT  The School Development Plan (SDP) is a strategic plan for improvement.  It should bring together, in a clear and simple way, the school priorities, the main measures it will take to raise standards, the resources dedicated to these, and the key outcomes and targets it intends to achieve.

 Every School a Good School – A Policy for School Improvement emphasises that school improvement is first and foremost the responsibility of the school. 

It is based on the premise that schools themselves are best placed to identify areas for improvement and to implement changes that can bring about better outcomes for pupils.  

Self-evaluation leading to sustained self-improvement is therefore at the core of the school improvement policy. Effective self-evaluation, and the actions that flow from it, should deliver improved educational outcomes and experiences for all pupils. Self-evaluation must be an integral part of the school development planning process with the resulting actions and targets captured in School Development Plans (SDPs).

The SDP is a strategic plan for improvement. It should bring together, in a clear and simple way, the school’s priorities, the main measures it will take to raise standards, the resources dedicated to these, and the key outcomes and targets it intends to achieve.

Article 13(3) of the 1998 Education Order places a duty on Boards of Governors, through the scheme of management, to prepare, and periodically revise, a SDP. In doing so, Boards of Governors are required to consult the principal and consider any guidance provided by the Department of Education, Education Authority (EA), and, in the case of Catholic maintained schools, CCMS, and also any inspection findings.

The Best Teacher Award has been given every year by the government to the primary teachers working as teachers in the primary schools of the state of Gujarat.

  This year also, the award for the best teacher will be given by the government to the teachers who have performed special duties as primary teachers in the state of Gujarat.  Teachers who perform their duty faithfully.  

Teachers who are doing excellent work in the field of education.  Teachers who are always innovating in education are making efforts to benefit the students academically. 

 The teacher has been selected as the best teacher every year by the government for the purpose of honoring such teachers.  The Best Teacher Competition is organized every year to honor the teachers who are doing a very good job in the field of education. 

 The best teachers are selected from taluka level to state level.  How the teachers are working in the classroom by preparing.  What the teacher is doing for the betterment of the society is also taken into consideration.  

The teacher is honored as the best teacher in recognition of the work done by the teachers during the duty for the benefit of the students and the society.

 In this situation the students of the school cannot attend the school when the option of street education has been explored by the teachers of the school.  

Through street education the school teachers are teaching the students with social distance on the street.  Arrangements have been made by the school teachers to provide education to all the students who cannot go to school by using various means.  

In order for the students to get education at home through home learning, the school teachers have made arrangements for all the students to get education through the youtube channel through DD Girnar and with the help of Microsoft team.  Through DD Girnar, various educational programs have been organized by the government so that all the students can complete their studies at home. 

 Activity education is also organized through DD Girnar so that students can get active learning.  The government is imparting education to the students using various means so that all the students can complete their education at home and get a good education.

 Schools could not be started in Corona's situation.  Through the efforts of the education department, arrangements were made so that the student could study at home. 


conversation for another people.

This shabd diary have a four pages. Birth of four pages have a basic Gujarati words barakshari totally full fee in 4 pages if the teacher give average student xerox of this shabd diary the students are are very powerful for speak Gujarati words barakshari jodakshar and on other words and speak very easily. They have not any grammatical error in Gujarati if the students learn this shabd diary.




 During the first semester of 2021, students were studying through various mediums instead of school.  The students were getting education from home through home learning. 

 When the actual educational work is being started for the students of Kavi Std. 6 to 8, it should be easy for the teachers to know the educational status of the students and start the regular educational work in the school on the basis of it. 

 In view of the fact that the school students can do a good remedial work, it is planned to evaluate the students studying in all the medium government schools, grant aided schools and self-supporting primary schools in the state with the same question papers. 

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