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Gujarat Government has organized unit test every month in the primary schools of the state.  As part of the unit test, arrangements have been made by the teachers of various schools in the state to deliver the unit tests to the students during the current Corona epidemic.


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Learning Outcomes are very important statements that describe significantly and highly this essential learning that learners have achieved and can also reliably demonstrate at the end of a course or standard

In other languages, learning outcomes identify what a learner will know and be able to do by the end of a course or program or standard.

Learning outreach is an educational principle that surrounds every part of the educational system around goals or achievements. When the learner learns about his / her curriculum and by the end of the academic term, each student will be examined by a test that is oral or written. The student will have achieved the goal. There is no single specific style of assessment or assessment of education in the results of education.

The results of the study are called study conclusions in Gujarati language. Now a days, the Gujarat government has changed the basis of NCERT syllabus in 2019. The basis of the methodological values ​​of each subject is the results of teaching. Every student has to learn all the study results.

The teacher teaches based on learning outcomes. Then, the teacher evaluates all the students and after that the student who does not pass the learning result, the teacher will try to re-study the learning result of the students.

Student Learning Objectives is an assessment tool that allows a teacher to measure its impact on a student's achievement within the parameters of a specific academic or alternative standard.

Learning outcomes are based on students with valuable academic experiences. Between different programs or instructors, results can be interpreted differently. There are different types of learning in each standard. Each teacher teaches on a daily basis on learning outcomes or study outcomes. It is the systematic progression of continuous learning outcomes.

The unit tests are being written by the students sitting at home under the guidance of their parents.  Unit tests When students write, unit tests are given by the school teachers at the school level.  The parents of the students or the teachers bring the unit test in person to the school and check it and make it online. 

 The program for the October Aunty Unit Test was announced earlier.  The dates of this circular have now been changed as the Diwali vacation and Diwali holidays were announced earlier by the Government.According to the new circular changing the schedule of unit test for the month of October, now unit test has to be taken.  

As per the new instruction given in the circular regarding this unit test, the unit test will have to be taken again from now on as per the instruction of time limit.  As per these instructions, from now on, the unit test for the month of October will have to be taken in schools.  

The unit test will have to be delivered to the children within the time limit as per the time announced in the new circular of unit test of the month of October and the unit test will have to be withdrawn from them.

  The unit test will have to be delivered to the students in the area where the effect of covid-19 is high through various technical means.  As per the instructions given by the government, Xerox copy of the unit test cannot be delivered to the students. 

The unit tests can also be delivered to the students through the QR code in the initiation application through WhatsApp.As per the guideline of the Government, in the areas of the Containment Zone, the unit tests will not be given face to face by the teachers. The unit tests will also have to be made available to the students in soft copy.  

Compulsory arrangements have to be made to reach out to the students. The students have to write their unit test and then the teachers have to bring this unit test in the school and also have to test it.  




Students who cannot get the unit test in hard copy will be able to get it through various means created at school level.Special care should be taken by the teachers to maintain the complete stability of the unit test. Parents should also make efforts to get their children to write the unit test without the help of any kind of literature.  

The unit test can also be delivered to the school level through the parents of the students who write the unit test.  As such, teachers will have to take the next unit test.

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