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In this situation the students of the school cannot attend the school when the option of street education has been explored by the teachers of the school.  Through street education the school teachers are teaching the students with social distance on the street.  

Arrangements have been made by the school teachers to provide education to all the students who cannot go to school by using various means.  In order for the students to get education at home through home learning, the school teachers have made arrangements for all the students to get education through the youtube channel through DD Girnar and with the help of Microsoft team.  

Through DD Girnar, various educational programs have been organized by the government so that all the students can complete their studies at home.  Activity education is also organized through DD Girnar so that students can get active learning.  

The government is imparting education to the students using various means so that all the students can complete their education at home and get a good education.

Considering the current situation of the state, in the first phase, the students were imparted education through Gyansetu so that the students could get the best education.  Students who did not understand their syllabus well in the previous year were reinstated in the next year's syllabus through Gyansetu.  

Through this knowledge bridge program, students were provided knowledge of various subjects and education of various subjects through various mediums.  Online education was arranged by the government through DD Girnar and YouTube so that all students in the state could benefit from education.

  The government has started teaching students their curriculum next July so that the education of students can continue even in the current situation.  Arrangements have been made by the government and the education department of the state government to enable the students to get education at home using various mediums in the near future.

Mass promotion has been given by Gujarat government to the students studying in Gujarat state schools.  The decision has been taken by the government in the interest of the health of the students in view of the serious situation of Corona in the state.  The Gujarat government has decided not to allow students to take exams so that their health is not endangered. 

 Mass promotion for students in such situation is given by the government.  However, keeping in view the education of the students, a program called Gyan Setu has been launched by the government and the education department of the Gujarat government so that the students can start their own education.  

Gyansetu program will try to achieve the learning outcomes that were not achieved in the students last year.  Gyansetu program is an important program in Gujarat government to provide education to students.  

This year students will be able to complete the rest of their education in this year with the help of this knowledge bridge program.

At Gandhinagar, said that tele-bridge programs will be broadcast by Television DD Girner and You Tube, all students of standard 1 to 10 are included. Apart from this, the Baisag will also be broadcast by the GCERT and secondary education board on the Gujarat Channel. How is this home learning program? The Home Learning Program? 


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Throughout the Home Learning Program, students who do not have TV or mobile facilities for standard 1 Along with this, the textbooks are currently on the homebook home and the arrangement of these books or educational materials will also be able to reach the timely students who reach the timely students. 

The QR code can be seen by the QR code Audio visual content is the specialty of this textbook To ensure the program of home learning will contact the phone and students with the phone and will guide students to remove the difficulties. The management will be organized by the organization's government school teachers, even if the state's government school is also organized.

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