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Activities for children at home.
Here are some ideas for fun, and educational, games to keep kids busy, whether inside or out. Please share your ideas for things to do with kids at home in the comments section, or on our Facebook group for parents: Active at Home: Fun ideas to get kids moving.

Math activitiesHello friends this is m friends everyday my blog will give you latest information about education changes and educational current affairs.

is provide very useful information in in primary education of Gujarat. Everyday the new changes and updates are going on our education very high. So so please visit everyday my blog and update it yourself.

This post specially for pragna teachers. Here this post for pragn teachers who are are working very hard in in their classrooms. This post is is helpful for pragna teachers who work ok in Gujarati language for standard 1 and 2.

This is is very very useful in classrooms. Gujarati if if this shabd diary have a xerox each of student so show the students specify the main words of Gujarati language. They easily learn Gujarati language. The teacher save many many more time in classrooms.

This shabda diary is one type of lesson diary. The students have each of one xerox they will work at home at night or morning time and they learn Gujarati language very easily and they speak was very clearly for or in Gujarati conversation. This file based on pragnya abhigam.

The main words saying in Gujarati barakshari. This diary is busy in Gujarati barakshari but something changed because pragna abhigam has start the words in Gujarati like v,r,s,d. Then step by step the student learn Gujarati and speak clear and very easily speak Gujarati II II convert I think conversation for another people.
Activities for children at home.

Activities for children at home

12 activities to keep your kids’ minds and bodies moving

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Find your best (little) lab coat and use games and activities to explore the various branches of science that kids love, including life cycles, seasons, planets, animals, magnets, weather, states of matter (liquid, solid, gas), volcanoes, engineering, anatomy, shadows, senses, and paleontology, and skills including problem solving, observation, predicting, and classifying.

Activities for children at home

Students leaving the school are given a school leaving certificate when they complete their studies. There are a few things to keep in mind when issuing a school leaving certificate. The name of the student has to be written in full in the school leaving certificate. Details like what standard the student is studying in and when he / she is studying have to be filled in very carefully. The certificate has to be given in Gujarati or English language.

A school leaving certificate is issued to the student when he / she completes his / her studies in the school. A student is given a school leaving certificate even if he / she is studying in that school and has to go to another school. Date of birth is written in numbers and words. The caste and sub-caste of the student is also mentioned in the school leaving certificate.  

When a student submits such a school leaving certificate to another school, the details are written in the general register number of the school on the basis of this school leaving certificate.  School Leaving Certificate LC Book is kept for issuing school leaving certificate.  This Living Certificate Book is considered very important.  

The numbers of all the certificates printed inside are written on the Leave Certificate Book.  A school leaving certificate is issued by the principal of the school when the student completes his / her studies or changes schools.

In this situation the students of the school cannot attend the school when the option of street education has been explored by the teachers of the school.  Through street education the school teachers are teaching the students with social distance on the street.  

Arrangements have been made by the school teachers to provide education to all the students who cannot go to school by using various means.  In order for the students to get education at home through home learning, the school teachers have made arrangements for all the students to get education through the youtube channel through DD Girnar and with the help of Microsoft team.  

Through DD Girnar, various educational programs have been organized by the government so that all the students can complete their studies at home.  Activity education is also organized through DD Girnar so that students can get active learning.  The government is imparting education to the students using various means so that all the students can complete their education at home and get a good education.

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