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The home learning program has been started by the government for a long time.  The home learning program has been started by the government for the purpose that students can continue their studies at home when they cannot go to school.

  This home learning program is run by the government to ensure that students do not stop learning.  Students cannot go to school in this situation of Corona.  In these circumstances students deprived of education cannot be run.  

Students are educated through various mediums so that they can continue their studies.  This education is imparted to the students through DD Girnar, youtube channel, initiation application and QR code through E class.  

Under Home Learning, students who cannot go to school can get education at home.  Students can also become part of the government's Home LEARNIG program with the help of live E-classes offered daily on YouTube.

It is very important that students get knowledge of the culture of their country.  Knowledge of the culture of one's own region, knowledge of the rites as well as knowledge of various festivals celebrated in the country is obtained through the subject of student and social science.  

Through the social sciences, students gain knowledge about history, civics and geography.  Through geography, students learn about the various methods used in different parts of the country, the resources of the country, the mineral resources obtained from different parts of the country, the forest resources of the country, the culture of the people living in different regions of the country.  

Through the social sciences, students gain an idea of ​​the culture of people living in different parts of the country.  Various maps of India, various maps of the state of India.  Maps of districts of different states of India, maps of different talukas of different districts of different states of India All the knowledge is received by the student through social sciences.

In the current situation, online training of teachers and students is also provided through varchul.  Self defense training was given by the government for the students studying in Std. 6 to 8. 

 Apart from this, in order for the teachers and students in the school to get better knowledge of their subject, knowledge of various subjects is imparted to all the students and teachers through the initiation application. 

 All those studying in Std. 1 to 8 in Diksha application can get education at home with the help of QR code.  Students who have a smartphone available can download the Diksha app on their mobile. 

After downloading the Diksha app, by scanning the QR code given in the book, the students can get their own and unit knowledge with the help of animation.

Arrangements have been made to make all the links for online education accessible to all the students of the school through all the teachers involved in the field of education, Principal Shri O and BRC CRC Coordinator.  

Arrangements have also been made by the government for the evaluation of what students are learning through home learning through online learning.  Home learning has been arranged by the government for students who are currently unable to attend school due to the Corona epidemic. 

 Arrangements are made by the government in advance for the students to watch the educational programs on DD Girnar.  Students can take education at home based on DD Girnar schedule.  It is also provided by the government to all students to learn at home. 

 All the learning outcomes that students learn through Om Learning can be verified from this home by how much they have achieved the learning outcomes.  When a student learns at home, fills or writes a book at home in his own way, he realizes that I have not yet reached any study conclusion.  

Even when the school teachers make telephonic contact with the students, the teachers do their best to solve all the problems in the education of the students.  Students are also being given a unit test.  The unit test is taken to students on Saturday.

In the primary school of Gujarat, children are given shixan on the basis of activity.  The education given to children through activity is remembered for a long time. 

 The learning imparted by the activity can be understood quickly.  Pragya approach is imparted in Std. 1 and 2 in the primary school of Gujarat state.  In which various subjects are given through shixan activity

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