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In the current situation, the students are making efforts to get education at home through the efforts of the government and the education department.

Students are being imparted education using various mediums like street education, youtube dd Girnar Diksha portal so that all students can get education at home. An effort has been launched by the government to provide education to the students through YouTube and DD Girnar so that the students can continue their education at home. In order to provide education to all the students, the government has started online education for the students again keeping in view the current year's syllabus.

In order to provide education through the medium of students, useful home learning videos of Std. 9 to 12 are given to the students here. All these videos will be very useful for the students to complete their studies in the near future.

Primary schools in the state have been closed for a long time due to coronavirus. Schools and colleges have been closed to prevent the spread of the corona.

The importance of home learning is greatly enhanced by the closure of schools and colleges. Children are taught different subjects in different ways with the help of home learning. Students have acquired knowledge of various subjects with the help of home learning in various ways.

Home learning is provided using DD Girnar, youtube channel, Diksha portal etc. Home learning is arranged by teachers for students who do not have access to television or mobile.

Students who do not have any type of home learning tool are provided with the facility to watch television at the home of another student in the village.  Through home learning, knowledge of various subjects is imparted by the teachers in different ways.  When students ask and get answers from teachers.

In Corona's situation many schools and colleges have been closed for a long time.  For a long time students have been studying through mediums like e class, youtube, dd Girnar.  

Home learning has been arranged by the government for the students who could not get education in school or college in the present situation.  Students are staying at home and studying on their own.  The current year is very important for the students studying in Std-10.  

Study material on mathematics subject and science has been prepared for the students who are studying in standard 10.  This study material prepared under the guidance of Mr. Shri, Education Officer, Aravalli District will prove to be very useful to all the students. 

 All these study materials have been prepared by teacher Shri Manoj Upadhyay Saheb.  The study material of this mathematics subject and science will be very useful to the students who are studying in 10th.  

Important questions from different units of standard 10 mathematics and science subjects are taken here.  This study material will prove to be very important for the students to prepare for the subject of Mathematics and Science.

Due to the corona pestilence, many long-term Gujarat state is going to work in all primary schools as well as higher secondary and school colleges. The process of online education provided by school teachers is known as Learning. 

Under the guidance of the education department in the government, teachers are teaching online education. Online education students can study themselves without being at school. 

Students are referred to as the home learning to study their home. By means of the school teachers, by means of DD Girter's channel, EL Class is provided by the medium of class. 

According to the government's guidance, it is issued a timetable schedule for home learning early. This time the teachers raise the responsibility of teachers to manage students to deliver to students.

In the primary school of Gujarat, children are given shixan on the basis of activity.  The education given to children through activity is remembered for a long time.  Education provided by activity

Take the situation of corona's immorestence, schools are currently closed by the government's health concerns. According to the Gild Line of Government of the Government in the current stage, the classes of the primary school of the standard six to eight have been started. 

Must take agents from students' guardians before starting schools. Students do not have to call compulsorers without the consent of the student's guardian. 

If the student's guardian consensus in the school's school or to attend school, then the students are present in school. If students do not want to come to school do not keep present in school. 

Those students who want to take home sitting at home are to manage online education for students who want to take care of. The students who can not come to school for students who can not come to school, are also teaching students by means of the YouTube channel by means of the QR Code by means of the QR code. 

The government has been arranged for those students who have been working at home. Home learning has been arranged by the government for students who do not come to school and they can get education from their home. Media of Home Learning Students are getting education at home. 

During this year, when the students are completing their studies from various media, the government has not studied such students and the students have provided the convenience of studying students from various media to the study of students. 

For all students can start their study at home, students are also given online education to students using Microsoft teams. School teachers survey that students do not have a smartphone or even television available. The students who have the students who are not available in the home of the students who have smartphones or television are available in the house of any student or in the neighborhood, by the school teachers and SMC members have been done. 


તા:04/08/2021 નું હોમ લર્નિંગ ડાયરેક યુટ્યુબ ના માધ્યમથી.

વિદ્યાર્થી મિત્ર તમારા ધોરણની નીચે આપેલી લિંક ખોલીને આજનું ઓનલાઈન શિક્ષણ મેળવો યુટ્યુબ ના માધ્યમથી.


તા. ૦૫.૦૮.૨૦૨૧નું હોમ લર્નિંગ 

વિદ્યાર્થી મિત્રો તમારા ધોરણની નીચે આપેલી લિંક ખોલીને આજનું ઓનલાઈન શિક્ષણ મેળવો 

તારીખ 05-08-2021 ધોરણ 9  વિડિયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

તારીખ 05-08-2021 ધોરણ 11  વિડિયો જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

For the school teachers, the school teachers are made by the home of the home for any student education. E-Class has also been started for students who can get online education in their own home. Street education has been turned into a situation. 

School teachers are teaching students to go home to the Government's Guide Line. The school teachers are teaching students home to the government's guide line for students not being deprived of teaching in school or not present in school because of not present in school.

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