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jillafer transfer babate mahiti

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jillafer transfer babate mahiti

jillafer transfer babate mahiti :A case of irregularities has come to light in the transfers of teachers being done by the School Education Department (Directorate of Public Education). The case is of Hoshangabad and Sagar districts.

Two teachers here have been transferred to the same school in which they are already posted. After the case was disclosed, the Additional Director, DPI, says that the application itself was wrong. The question is why the order was issued incorrectly.

jillafer transfer babate mahiti
jillafer transfer babate mahiti

Rajendra Kumar Chowkse, a social science teacher at Kamati Secondary School in Hoshangabad, was shocked when he got the transfer order. He has been posted in the same school in which he is already posted.

Meanwhile, the same happened with Narayan Karthik, a high class teacher of social sciences in Bhedakhas, a government school in Sagar district. He was also posted in the same school where he is already working.

Meanwhile, regarding the transfers, the teachers ‘and teachers’ organizations believe that the department has violated the transfer policy. The new transfer policy mentioned giving priority to the case of Divyang, Kalyani, abandonment and serving spouses. But they were deprived of transfer.

It is to be known that the school education department has recently issued transfer orders of 35 thousand teachers through M Shiksha Mitra app.

Here, the list of teachers who have been transferred by the school education department has not been sent to the JD and DEO. So it is not possible to decide who has been transferred and who has not.


Excess teachers not adjusted
In schools where there were more teachers, the teacher had to be adjusted to another school, but on the contrary, the department adjusted the teachers in the same schools in which the posts are already filled. Sharad Shetty, a high class teacher of Mathematics, is already posted in Madhyamik Kanya Shala Station Road, Bhopal. While Arun Vajpayee, the headmaster of Karond Primary School has been transferred to Arif Nagar Primary School, but the headmaster Sukhlal Siddharth is already in this school.

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