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Standard - 3-4-5 uparacharatmak kary 2021 The basis of the diagnostic test is the therapeutic procedure

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With the joint efforts of the State Government and the Education Department of the Government, a sincere effort is being made to provide education to the students using various mediums so that all the students can get online education. 

 Primary School Teachers Secondary School Teachers Efforts are being made to ensure that students get the best education through various means.  Students are being taught through education and using various mediums.  Students are also being imparted education through street education so that the students studying in the school can continue their education.

This is an important decision taken by the Government of Gujarat for the education of students.  The app has been launched by the government so that students can get education easily.  

This application has been created in a joint effort of the government and the education department so that the students can stay at home and study in this difficult situation.  Arrangements have been made so that students can easily acquire knowledge of all subjects.

Due to this important decision of Gujarat Government, most of the employees will get spare protection.  If the number of secondary and higher secondary students decreased, surplus was provided.  According to the new circular of the government, from now on all the academic and non-academic staff will be given surplus protection.  

Academic and non-academic staff will not be laid off in case of closure of schools or decrease in the number of students.  This decision taken by the government has created an atmosphere of happiness even among the working class.  Employees who have so far feared being fired due to declining numbers or school closures have the opportunity to feel relieved.

 The unit test is conducted by the Gujarat Education Department in accordance with the syllabus which is run in the primary schools of the state of Gujarat.  The unit is checked by test teachers.  

Students who have low marks in the subject unit test have to be given the remedial unit test.  Students are assessed on the basis of unit test.  The therapeutic function of the unit test is done after proving the study conclusion of the students which is not achieved on the basis of the remedial unit test.


Considering the current situation, the government has been arranged by the government to sit at home and be educated by the government. This arrangement is known as Home Learning by the Government. By means of the DD Giraar, the purpose of the DD Girainer, the government can also be educated by the DD Girainer's medium as well as the teaching portal of the Deep Girnar, as well as the teachings of the Baptist. Students who do not have a smartphone that has smartphones can also lead to their education on Gotw or by the by -ysag channel. 

All students studying in schools by the government have given the application of the application of Microsoft Team and Password. All the teachers of the school are also given the Microsoft App's User ID and Password Password prepared by the government. 

Teachers and students can take education and take education after being logged in the Microsoft team and login using the password. School teachers have to prepare Microsoft's schedule. The timetable of the Microsoft team is delivered to students who have created the timetable. 

Provides online education to children corresponding to this time statement. School students can also take education to sit at home using Microsoft team. The efforts of students who use apps and media in different types of government are being deprived of education. All the officers associated with teaching have been responsible for this task, because one of the state of Gujarat state will not be deprived of education. 

Here is an understanding about Hindi essay for students studying in Gujarat state schools to study Hindi essay.  The Hindi essay series is given here for the benefit of primary school and secondary school students and for them to write their essay in Hindi subject.  

An attempt has been made here to give an understanding of Hindi essay series and Hindi essay so that students can study Hindi subject well and students can write Hindi essay.  

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Students who are studying in primary school and secondary school are studying a subject as a Hindi subject. It is very important for them to write an essay to prepare for the exam.  Through this blog, students can study Hindi essays and essay series and prepare for exams.


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 * Certificate

ફીટ ઇન્ડિયા ૨.૦ રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

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ધોરણ -4 હાલ ધોરણ -5 માં છે તેના માટે ગણિત...ઉપચાર કાર્ય. અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

new ધોરણ – 3 ગુજરાતી માર્ચ:-૨૦021મા લેવાયેલ નિદાન કસોટના આધારે ઉપચારાત્મક કાર્ય અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

 new ધોરણ – ૪ ગુજરાતી માર્ચ:-૨૦021મા લેવાયેલ નિદાન કસોટના આધારે ઉપચારાત્મક કાર્ય અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

newધોરણ – 3 ગણિત માર્ચ:-૨૦021મા લેવાયેલ નિદાન કસોટના આધારે ઉપચારાત્મક કાર્ય અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

A teacher is a good person who takes very important responsibility of shaping up the lives of young ones and impressionable children. They get great feeling, pride and true joy in their life by teaching their students on the right path. They never do any type of partiality between good or bad students instead they always try to bring bad one on the right path through their lots of efforts.

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