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Uncleanliness, dirt, stench is a big problem of our country. Poverty, population growth, scarce resources will be partly responsible for this but the most important factors are people's dirty habits, lack of hygiene awareness as well as lack of education. Even today, more than 90% of the households in our country do not have toilets. More than 90% of people defecate in the open.

Some of them even prefer to go out in the open even though they have a toilet at home. Throw trash anywhere; Spit anywhere; T huhrowing pan masala or mava pouches or papers anywhere; Eating a banana and throwing its peel anywhere on the road; urinating in the open without any shame etc. is a common thing in our country. How can we keep our country clean in such a situation?

Will have to. Ta. 05/09/2071 (Thursday) “Hygiene Awareness Day” Hold a virtual meeting between children, parents and teachers of SMCs / SMDCs / PTAs to explain the importance of hygiene and cleanliness and the importance of hand washing, masks and social distance. As well as to encourage and motivate them for cleanliness and hygiene in school as well as at home.

Teachers will have to inspect and evaluate the hygiene facilities in every corner of the school institution and make necessary arrangements for the maintenance of the facilities. During Covid-19 Swachhata Pakhavada File (raising awareness on hand washing facilities, daily cleaning and disinfection, use of toilets, use of water facilities, ventilation, waste management etc.

. The Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan launched during the last ten years of the UPA government has also had some effect. But due to lack of public awareness as well as public participation, the desired results could not be achieved. The government is making every effort to involve people in the scheme as well as to make them partners. Efforts are also being made to educate and awaken the people.

The Prime Minister also aims to give the country the gift of a clean India by the time Gandhiji's 150th birthday in 2014. People are also applauding him. But it can only succeed if the people of the country accept this and cooperate.  If this goal is achieved in the coming years with the sincere collective efforts of all of us, then it will be considered as a true tribute to the Father of the Nation Gandhiji.

  The countrymen have got this wonderful opportunity to revive Gandhiji.  Which should be taken up from the heart and everyone should join it in the form of mass movement.  When Gandhiji was asked which of the two is your first choice or priority, cleanliness or freedom?  You all know the answer given by Gandhiji.  His priority has always been cleanliness. He firmly believed that freedom can be enjoyed only if there is cleanliness.

Swachhata Pakhavada File PDF Click Here

Ta.  Dated from 09/08/2071  07/02/2011 (Saturday and Sunday) "Green School Drive

Swachhata Pakhavada File Word Click Here

Ta.  Action Plan for the celebration of Sanitation Fortnight from 01 to 15 September 2011 R * Dt.  01/09/2071 (Wednesday) "Swachhta Shapath Divas" All teachers, staff and all students of schools and educational institutions

Folk and Shastra Sthanak or Jin Devalaya and river lake saw road and planted farm tree shade and flower garden Aditya Sthanak Don't defecate or spit about them  The social purpose is enhanced with rituals. These rules are not only for religious people. 

They are very useful to human beings as well as in the interest of the society and the nation.  Total Sanitation The current government of our country is running a campaign on sanitation in which all the citizens of the country are being made aware about sanitation.

 The Shikshapatri written by Lord Swaminarayan 200 years ago has become very important today. This feature of Hinduism is mentioned in the scriptures to keep the body and the village and the country clean and pure. 

 Religion and politics are different but the purpose of both is the purpose of the religious texts and the purpose of the constitution of the country is the interest of the society and the country. From the self to keep the country clean.  

Yes, two eyes and two hands are equal. If human beings follow the constitution of the country and the constitution of religion only to learn good behavior for the overall development of the country, then the overall development of the country will be very fast, that is why religious scriptures are very useful.

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