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Try a logic puzzle! Do you know the answer

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Try a logic puzzle! Do you know the answer

I shudder at the thought of how an employee will be able to make a living at Rs 2,000 a month under the new enhanced pension scheme.  The ugly future looks like a retired police constable will be standing outside a wealthy businessman's bungalow as a security guard.  A retired teacher may be doing the housework herself or doing the work of a nanny.  A retired clerk of a Mamlatdar's office will be a salesman of a cloth shop.  The lucky one will get all this, the big question is who will give the job after the remaining 58 years !!!


What can an employee save if they talk about today's research?  Maybe if he saves, what interest does he get in the bank?  5 percent annually.  BP tablets are available in the market today for Rs.  One person puts a hundred rupees in the bank today.  Suppose that in ten years the rupee doubles and in 2031 it becomes two hundred rupees.  Now E.S.  What will be the price of BP pill in 2031?  Will the buses cost Rs.  Inflation has the wheels of a Ferrari and our savings are the wheels of a bicycle.  This means that you will have as many savings as you like, but only if their speed is higher than inflation, those savings will come in handy in old age!


જવાબ જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

What is the benefit to the government from the new policy?

 Scrapage policy will work like a lifeline for the economy in times of epidemics.

 Older vehicles going into scrap will reduce pollution.  Consumers buying vehicles with new engines will reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollution.

 According to experts, GST of 50 to 100% is likely to be available on the purchase of a new vehicle instead of a vehicle that will go into scrap.  However, the final decision on this will be taken by the GST Council.  The new policy is expected to fetch the government Rs 9,600 crore from GST and Rs 4,900 crore in the next five years. 

 According to experts, after the old vehicle goes into scrap, the vehicle owner will buy a new vehicle, which will benefit the Center and the states by Rs 38,300 crore from GST.

 According to a report, the removal of old vehicles and the arrival of new ones is estimated to save Rs 9,550 crore.  It will save Rs 2,400 crore from next year alone.  Steel accounts for 50 to 55 percent of a vehicle. 

 The scrap from these vehicles will fetch about Rs 6,550 crore worth of steel scrap and not so much scrap will have to be procured from abroad, which will reduce steel imports, which is likely to make vehicles cheaper.

 Steel scrap worth Rs 1,500 crore will be found in the next one year alone.  At present there are no organized units to extract steel in the scrap market, at the same time it has been observed that engines are removed from vehicles in scrap and used to make bogus vehicles.

In the current situation, online training of teachers and students is also provided through varchul.  Self defense training was given by the government for the students studying in Std. 6 to 8.  Apart from this, in order for the teachers and students in the school to get better knowledge of their subject, knowledge of various subjects is imparted to all the students and teachers through the initiation application. 

 All those studying in Std. 1 to 8 in Diksha application can get education at home with the help of QR code.  Students who have a smartphone available can download the Diksha app on their mobile. After downloading the Diksha app, by scanning the QR code given in the book, the students can get their own and unit knowledge with the help of animation.

The unit test is conducted by the Gujarat Education Department in accordance with the syllabus which is run in the primary schools of the state of Gujarat.  The unit is checked by test teachers. 

 Students who have low marks in the subject unit test have to be given the remedial unit test.  Students are assessed on the basis of unit test.  The therapeutic function of the unit test is done after proving the study conclusion of the students which is not achieved on the basis of the remedial unit test.

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