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Today's important educational news. Educational news is provided here to acquaint you with various educational information presented by the state education department and published in newspapers.

Attempts will be made to put here the news which is updated in the daily newspapers and published by various education departments. Various news items are posted here for the purpose of making the employees associated with the education department aware of the various circulars and news published by the Gujarat State Education Department. 

 Gujarat State Education Department The Government of Gujarat publishes various news items with the aim of making changes in education.

Due to this important decision of Gujarat Government, most of the employees will get spare protection.  If the number of secondary and higher secondary students decreased, surplus was provided.  According to the new circular of the government, from now on all the academic and non-academic staff will be given surplus protection. 

 Academic and non-academic staff will not be laid off in case of closure of schools or decrease in the number of students.  This decision taken by the government has created an atmosphere of happiness even among the working class.  Employees who have so far feared being fired due to declining numbers or school closures have the opportunity to feel relieved.

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