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With Storytel you can listen to thousands of audiobooks on your smartphone wherever and whenever you want. Enjoy storytelling experiences like never before. Join the family of 1.5 million+ subscribers across 20+ countries and enjoy unlimited listening from our large and ever-expanding library of audiobooks and e-books

Madam Geeta Rani (Raatchasi) 2020

Chalk N Duster (2019) Full Movie

Taare Zameen Par 2007

Taare Zameen Par 2007

Humne jeena seekh liya

Experience the joy of discovering new audio stories everyday through our personal recommendations section – be it current bestsellers, acclaimed thrillers, timeless classics, heartwarming romance, informative non fiction to weighty biographies, we have audiobooks in every genre. There are stories for everyone and anyone across age groups. Listen to audio stories narrated by celebrities and professional voice artists.


narrated by celebrities and professional voice artists.


Popular features include :

• Unlimited listening and reading – Listen and read as much as you want
• Download audiobooks offline to listen anywhere
• Set the audiobook to snooze with the built-in sleep function

• Set your own bookmarks and make notes
• Share recommendations with your friends
• Get personal book recommendations
• Filter languages in settings or under specific categories and sort them in multiple ways in order to find your favorite books
• Save books to your bookshelf, make your own library of audiobooks
• Find the biggest and best book series in our special Series section
• Reviews and book emojis from the Storytel community
• Kids Mode* included

*Kids Mode lets your child safely explore children’s books, while you can listen to something else on another device.

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