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WASH in School Paripatra and Swachchata Action Plan" WASH in School Program Antargat Taiyar Karva Babat

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WASH in School Paripatra and  Swachchata Action Plan" WASH in School Program Antargat Taiyar Karva Babat

Subject :  "Shala Swachchata Action Plan" Taiyar Karva Babat.
Date : 23-12-2020

WASH in School પ્રોગ્રામ અંતર્ગત "શાળા સ્વચ્છતા એક્શન પ્લાન" તૈયાર કરવા બાબત
જાણો શાળામાં સ્વચ્છતા અંગેની કઇ સુવિધાઓ હોવી જરૂરી છે પરિપત્ર અને પત્રક સાથે ની માહિતી.

Hello friends this is my blog name is www. Arvind parmar.com. friends everyday my blog will give you latest information about education changes and educational current affairs. Www. Arvind parmar.com is provide very useful information in in primary education of Gujarat. Everyday the new changes and updates are going on our education very high. So so please visit everyday my blog and update it yourself.

This post specially for pragna teachers. Here this post for pragn teachers who are are working very hard in in their classrooms. This post is is helpful for pragna teachers who work ok in Gujarati language for standard 1 and 2. This is is very very useful in classrooms. Gujarati if if this shabd diary have a xerox each of student so show the students specify the main words of Gujarati language. They easily learn Gujarati language. The teacher save many many more time in classrooms. This shabda diary is one type of lesson diary. The students have each of one xerox they will work at home at night or morning time and they learn Gujarati language very easily and they speak was very clearly for or in Gujarati conversation. This file based on pragnya abhigam. The main words saying in Gujarati barakshari. This diary is busy in Gujarati barakshari but something changed because pragna abhigam has start the words in Gujarati like v,r,s,d. Then step by step the student learn Gujarati and speak clear and very easily speak Gujarati II II convert I think conversation for another people.

WASH in School Paripatra : "Shala Swachchata Action Plan" WASH in School Program Antargat Taiyar Karva Babat

This shabd diary have a four pages. Birth of four pages have a basic Gujarati words barakshari totally full fee in 4 pages if the teacher give average student xerox of this shabd diary the students are are very powerful for speak Gujarati words barakshari jodakshar and on other words and speak very easily. They have not any grammatical error in Gujarati if the students learn this shabd diary.

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