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Shala kaxaye shaikshanik aayojan ane amlikaran babat latest paripatra 18/8/2021.

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Shala kaxaye shaikshanik aayojan ane amlikaran babat latest paripatra 18/8/2021.

Shala kaxaye shaikshanik aayojan ane amlikaran babat latest paripatra 18/8/2021.

 Subject: Educational planning and implementation at school level.

 It is not possible to educate the students by calling the students in the giant schools to prevent the transmission of corona due to the epidemic of Kovid-12, but by calling the teachers in the schools, the children are being educated through the medium of Sheri Shil, virtual classroom G Shala app, home learning, television etc.  .  However, in order to maintain a coherence in the program in the entire district, all the primary schools are asked to plan the following and implement it for the continuation of the work of the students.

 Students at all school levels are provided with school readiness-zealotry literature.  Planning the necessary remedial work to get it tested at the school level.  • Return the test note book at school level, check and write necessary instructions in it, get parent's signature

 Getting remedial work done,

 All the children with smart phones will be able to load and use the G-Shala app.  Keep details of children with and without smartphones at school level.

  To make the education of the students more effective, to expand the scope of street education and to plan it in advance at the school level as well as to make a schedule and inform the children about it.

 To make efforts to involve maximum number of children in street education.  To plan for at least 3 hours more Rory education.  The head teacher should do cross-monitoring of matters including unit test, knowledge bridge, street education, online education.

 The headmaster himself should impart the benefit of his knowledge in online education and civic education to the children.

 • The school level has given more emphasis on the subject matter of keeping the results of the students in the SAT and PAT (Akram Test) available to the teachers and where they are needed.

 Getting children educated.

 Students and parents should be informed about the schedule of the program, which is being run from a distance, in public and at the school level.  Creating a group of children for a virtual class with details available at the school level,

 Maintenance and preservation of Gyankunj in schools, equipment provided under the project.  નિ To maintain a register of libraries, mathematics-science kits, ali-readers and literature-equipment provided by the Government in schools and to make arrangements for their use by the children.

 To keep the results of school evaluation available at school level under Gunotsav 2.0.  And to adapt its research.  Schools include kitchen gardens, herbs, eco-clubs, environmental laboratories and gardening and its

 Taking care of the essence

Vigilance to ensure timely attendance of children and teachers at school online.  Cleaning of school toilet block, school complex, classroom, drinking water tank and planning to prevent water wastage

 Sports equipment at school level-- musical instruments are also used and preserved.

 To prepare students for external exams like NMMS, Scholarship, Talent Search and also to participate in different competitions.  Provide transportation facilities for children coming to school from far away.
 And necessary
 For drop out children from 15 to 18 years under NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) Std.  For 10 and 12 "

 Giving Ramj to the parents to process the admission.

 Inclusion and trading in seasonal hostels for children migrating and arriving to reduce the drop out rate.  Thus at the school level to inform all the schools to have detailed planning and implementation of all the above matters

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 –State Project Director ૨ Shri, SSA Corey, Gandhinagar - Director, Primary Education, Gandhinagar

 That the copy dispatched

 . Well, all the interest, it is good to do the radar letter to all the schools - CRCCO Shri, all, to inform all the schools

 District Prako Ordinate District Primary Education Officer Overall Education, Banaskantha
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