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The Gujarat government has reduced the syllabus of Std.  The government has decided to reduce the curriculum, giving partial relief to students due to the global epidemic of corona.  Notably, the study is running online so far as students in the state are currently unable to go to school due to corona.  Not only will students be taught the entire course in the current online education but the board paper will be asked only 70% of the course.

The study rule will apply for one year only

 The state government has reduced the curriculum of students in Gujarat by 30 per cent for one year.  Due to the current corona condition, this rule will only apply for one year.  Not only that, standard 10 and 12 students will be able to take stress free exams.  However, the Gujarat government has not yet taken a decision on when the schools will start but according to the Centre's SOP, a decision may be taken to start the school after Diwali.

 A decision that relieves students

 When the syllabus of standard 9 to 12 has been reduced, the questions covering the issues of the reduced syllabus will not be asked in the examination.  However its teaching teachers have to pay attention to the academic interest of the students.  Special care has been taken to ensure that the students do not face any difficulty in the competitive examination due to the reduced syllabus.

 To be taken in the month of May.  10th and 12th exams

 Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama announced that a 30 per cent cut in the curriculum has been made in the interest of students.  Students now focus on 70 percent of the curriculum.  Amid the Corona epidemic, the government  To conduct 10th and 12th examinations in the month of May and Std.  9 and std.  The 11th exam is scheduled to be held in June.  May 21 std.  10th and 12th exams will be started.

 Course information will be released shortly

 Detailed information will be released by the board in the coming time on which standard which chapter has been canceled from the examination course for this year.  This information will be sent to each school by the District Education Officer, besides these details will also be made public on the Board's website.

The Government of Gujarat has today decided to cut syllabus in all schools that function under the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, by approximately 30 per cent for the academic year of 2020-21, for Class 9 to 12.This will make it easier for class-10 and class-12 students to prepare for the board examinations, stated a note released by the Education Board, adding that the examinations will not include questions from the chapters that are declared cancelled from syllabus. Also the teachers should provide knowledge of these topics to students for their good, the note added. The note further said, proper attention has been given to ensure that the linked chapters/topics are not cancelled and the students don’t face difficulties in future while appearing in competitive exams.Corona's tenure will now see a change in the standard 9 to 12 examination system.  The exam will now have 30 per cent objective questions and 70 per cent descriptive questions.  In Std.12 science stream 50% objective questions will remain the same.  And general option will be given in descriptive questions.  The decision has been made to keep the students stress free.  Details of the question paper structure will be announced soon.In Std. 9, 10, 11 (Science stream and general stream), in Std. 12 general stream, the proportion of objective questions in the examination question paper has been increased from 20% to 30%.  In standard 12 science stream, 50% objective questions (OMR method) and 50% descriptive questions will remain the same.  While in standard 9, 10 11 (science stream and general stream), in standard 12 general stream the proportion of objective questions in the examination question paper has been increased to 30 per cent and the proportion of descriptive questions to 70 per cent.  Which was earlier 20 per cent of objective questions.  In standard 12 science stream, 50% objective questions (OMR method) and 50% descriptive questions will remain the same.  In addition, in Std. 9 to 12, in the question paper, in the descriptive type of questions, the general option will be given instead of the internal option.

ધોરણ-૧૦ વિજ્ઞાન વિષય  પેપર સ્ટાઇલ PDF

ધોરણ-૧૦ સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન વિષય  પેપર સ્ટાઇલ PDF

 As per the revised syllabus of Std. 10 and 12 subjects by Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, details per mark, structure and format of question paper as well as details of marks per chapter and structure of question paper as per revised syllabus of Std. 9 and 11 subjects will be reported soon.While for the academic year 2020-21, the question papers of standard 9 to 12 school examinations will have to be prepared at the branch level.  The change in the examination system will be implemented only in the academic year 2020-21 due to the situation of Kovid-19.


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