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Things to keep in mind in Gunotsav 2.0

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 Things to keep in mind in Gunotsav 2.0

 ❖ Main Area 1 Unit Test & Seminar Examination: -

 • Students will be required to provide study experience in writing unit answer and unit test with error-free sentence structure as per the instruction as per the study decision.

 • Unit test, 2 days before taking the test, after seeing and systematically checking, the signature should be sent for the statement of the student's guardian.

 તપાસ While checking the test, it will be necessary to point out the mistakes made by the children as well as the marks scored by you.

 તા During the test, linguistic and all other errors should be pointed out and the error correction should be shown.

 યોગ્ય Proper multiplication will have to be done keeping in view the errors in the test.

 દરેક For every expected answer in the test if the children could not give correct answers then the correct instructions should be written in simple language that the children can understand only where the marks are given so that the children can correct their mistakes based on the suggestion  .  These instructions should also be written in a way that covers every mistake.

 the essence of those articles is so strong that we cannot live without it. Kamlesh Kumar Suthar from Wadali (Sabarkantha) has written a philosophical and interesting article on ‘Teacher and Education: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’. Some of these liberators are heartbreaking: “Chanakya’s tremendous declaration was that no nation can have a higher level than its Acharya (teacher)!

School of excellence તમારી શાળાનું પરિણામ જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

થયા After the test is done, all the mistakes of the children should be corrected and re-testing should be done by remedial action as per the children's feedback and it should also be properly checked.

 It is very important to get the children to get the right marks.

 The marks obtained in front of each sub-question will be displayed on the left side in which all the blank pairs and the marks of the short question will be shown in the margins of these sub-questions.  Also applies to testing.

 • The marks of the answer book and the marks shown in Form C as well as the marks entered online should be the same.  It is very important that every teacher conducts regular assessment as per SCE and also maintains the forms accordingly.

 • All the test and session annual test papers have to be shown to the guardian as well as the signature of the replacement has to be taken.

 ❖ Main Area 1 Study and Teaching: -

 • Create an environment where every teacher calls the children by name and with respect and also creates an environment where children can talk to the teacher about their problems without fear or hesitation and pay special attention to the students with special needs.

  Appropriate seating arrangements should be made to suit the teaching work during the teaching work as well as the students should take into consideration the activities that take place during the teaching work and seating arrangements accordingly.

  In addition to encouraging children to make unique efforts to engage in the classroom during the teaching work, publicly applaud the efforts and achievements of the children.

  Use of compulsory teaching materials during the teaching work. This material should be selected according to the age of the student, according to the subject of the subject, keeping in view the interest of the children according to the learning outcome.  After using the material, the children will have to adjust it so that they can use it again.

The teacher will have to make an annual plan keeping in view the learning outcomes and the teaching-learning method in which the monthly unit will be included as well as indicating the capacity of the unit.  Also show the educational tools and study outcomes to be used.

 For the academic work to be done as per the teaching plan, the head teacher of the school has to evaluate the daily 8 hours and by the end of the month all the classes of the school have to evaluate it.  You will have to check daily, if need be, give tips and guidance in planning.

  Teachers and head teachers should pay special attention to the needy and CWSN children.  Participate in all school activities with all school children.

 ❖ Main area  School

 • The school will have to plan the school development plan at the beginning of the year in which the school will have to include educational issues and set its own goals. This school development plan will be properly implemented and regularly reviewed  .

 SM Get the cooperation of SMC in proper implementation in making school development plan, SMC meeting of the school should be held regularly in which the school should show SMC activism in preparing the agenda of SMC meeting in trouble of school, proper use of school grant, availability of local resources, increasing attendance of children.

The principal and the class teacher will have to see to it that the time system and subject system are properly implemented in the school, the time sheet is prepared as per the guideline of the government, the school runs according to the time schedule.

 • In the class, it will be necessary to see the study decision, monthly planning and the activity of the student is displayed.

 • It is very important for the school to give guidance on school safety, to make a plan for school safety in advance, to educate the children about their awareness through mock drills.  Appropriate fire safety equipment should be installed in the school. In addition, other equipment that can be used in case of disaster should be installed such as large rope first aid equipment.

 કર Use safety equipment like a robot for the safety of electrical appliances in school.

The principal of the school will have to make a list of children with special needs and children with special serious diseases in the school and will have to make the teachers aware of it.

  With the help of children with a variety of daily prayers in the school, to organize in such a way that all the children get equal opportunity with the management in which the children perform harmonious prayers using instruments like harmonium, dagger, tabla, drum, manjira kartal etc.  Prayers should include tunes, hymns, nursery rhymes, acting songs, know-how, news reading, quizzes, clock songs, various other performances, national anthems.

  Children participating in meditation, yoga postures, group exercises, school sports and Khel Mahakumbh as well as science fairs, Inspire Awards, Jawahar Navodaya, NMMS, PSE, state drawing exams, as well as other child development activities are to be seen by the school.

 • The school will have to organize up to 10 educational visits at the end of the year to provide each educational experience.  Also during the year 10 to 12 special days will be celebrated and cultural program will be done.

  The teacher as well as the student will have to read at least 1 book per month by the teacher and 1 book per month by the children to increase their knowledge.

  Technology should be used to the maximum to give children an innovative learning experience as well as computer education should be given to all children.

  Efforts should be made to ensure that all the children in the school have a good mid-day meal with excellent quality and all the children present at the school have to make efforts to ensure that the mid-day meal is checked daily by the teachers.

 • All children should have proper drinking water system, daily drinking water tank should be cleaned periodically.

 It is important to ensure that the children have access to the best toilet facilities, regular cleaning of the toilets and access to water in the toilets.

  Children's hygiene should be checked daily and the student's parents should be informed about it from time to time.

Things to keep in mind in Gunotsav 2.0

ગુણોત્સવ માટે અગત્યની સૂચના

સૂચના પેઝ:1   પેઝ:- 2

 Apart from this, it will be the responsibility of the school principal as well as the teachers to make all the necessary preparations for the meritocracy.  All these suggestions will have to be checked by CRC, Education Inspector and Taluka Primary Education Officer, BRC Co. during his visit.

Things to keep in mind in Gunotsav 2.0

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