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 In addition to the parents, the teacher community will also take the lead in this regard and will continuously monitor the campaign through WhatsApp.

  In addition, parents and children will be guided and with the cooperation of all these, efforts will be made to further the education of the children studying in the primary schools of the state.

It is to be mentioned that efforts are being made to educate the children through TV channels at present.  In addition, an attempt has been made to provide textbooks for Std. 1 to 10 through social media-WhatsApp. 

This textbook is also available on the Textbook Congregation website.In addition to these efforts, students will now have the opportunity to study at home through the use of weekly learning materials and will be able to enter the next standard with greater academic readiness in the next academic session, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said

Hello friends, today we will read the latest riddles.  1.  What is it like to wear a hat without a head?  Answer: Bottle

 2.  Black seed in a white field, show what it is?  Answer: Letters 

3.  The wall on all sides and the water in between, show what it will be?

 Ans: Coconut

 .  What is it that happens up and down but does not move,

 Answer: Temperature

 .  What sound is there that everyone can hear but you can't hear,

 Ans: Snoring

 .  What is it that we all see but not our own?

 Answer: Error

નમસ્કાર મિત્રો,આજે આપણે અવનવા ઉખાણા વાંચીશું.

 ૧. એવું શું છે જેને માથું નથી છતાં ટોપી પહેરે છે ? જવાબ : બોટલ

 ૨. ધોળા ખેતરમાં કાળા દાણા, બતાવો એવું શું છે ? જવાબ : અક્ષરો

 ૩. ચારેય બાજુ ભીંત અને વચ્ચે પાણી, બતાવો એ શું હશે ?

જવાબ : નારિયેળ

૪. એવું શું છે જે ઉપર નીચે થાય છે પરંતુ હલતું નથી,

જવાબ : તાપમાન

૫. એવો કયો અવાજ છે જે બધા સાંભળી શકે પરંતુ તમે ન સાંભળી શકો,

જવાબ : ખરાટાનો અવાજ

૬. એવી કઈ વસ્તુ છે જે આપણને બધાની દેખાય પરંતુ પોતાની નહીં ?

જવાબ : ભૂલ

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