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Partner Code (Partner Code) * * To use literature published by the Gujarat School Textbook Board * and * School students can be identified * * For those * Google Read Along APP * In the * Partner Code * Enter * Very essential. * Districtwise all * The partner code of the cluster * has been sent with this. Which * is the same for all schools of cluster. J * Google Read along App Install is compulsory. * If a problem with regard to the partner code * will call the helpline number 079 23973615. *

* The teacher and student will be able to enter partner code compulsory to relaxation (e-book) published by the Gujarat State School Textbook Board.

* Google Read Along * Gujarat has built * "Read along" * Mobile application * Mobile application * Mobile application * Mobile application * Mobile application is built. "Google Read Along" App is an attractive Android Mobile Application, in which students can use their whistle and standard * of the curriculum. Primary school teachers and students install this app, to ensure that it is included in the company of the student, and the understanding of this app is requested and requested to guide them. * The teacher and student of the teachings published by the Gujarat State School Textbook Board, the teacher and student will have to enter partner code compulsory. * સી.આર.સી. Co. 'S. And the school's Principal will be sent to the mobile. * Will study the video with the video given here for how to enter partner code. * How to use the partnership code. * * Link to Read Along APP download: * 🔗  * with Google Read along With reference to app use. * * Som to Saturn (10:30 to 06:00) * * Helpline: - 079-23973615 *

Personalised: The app recommends the right level of difficulty books to each child depending on their reading level.

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