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Pragya Sahity For Class 1-2

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 Pragya Sahity For Class 1-2

Pragya Sahity For Class 1-2 

Friends, we are not just in the role of teacher.  Along with the teacher, there is also the duty of guardian.  In the same way, parents have to be ready for the role of teacher when the children have been at home for a year and a half in this difficult time of the epidemic.  No degree is required in this.  Learning may be less but there is calculation, there is experience, there are memories and there is affection and even more than all this, a special child needs the time and support of his parents.  Because the child has missed a lot in this epidemic situation.  In addition to education, teachers' affection, games and fun with friends at school and on the street, school co-curricular activities and much more ...
There is a Gujarati proverb, 'The fire of the house went to the forest and the fire spread to the forest too'.  Stress at home due to financial reasons, grief when someone in the family or relative is infected or dies and the pain of not being able to live with anyone in this situation  Disagreements between parents, scenes of cheetahs and corpses seen on TV, scary stories at home and people responding to allegations in a heated debate on TV, some fake news and scary videos on social media, corona defending and forcing children to drink  Experiments make children mentally uncomfortable.  His daily routine has been disrupted.

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Remember that you are learning all the daily activities from morning to night with entertainment and a variety of music. During this game you are enjoying a wakeup in the early morning activity, then brush your teeth, prepare for your school. Have breakfast and go to school in anticipation of the bus and assign to school, come home from school and go play different tasks with your friends.
Morning to night activities SCHOOL KIDS LESSON MATERIAL

- Wake up, turn off the sun, please open the window for fresh air, make the bed
Go to the bathroom, wash hands, save water
- Brush your teeth, take a shower, rinse with warm water, clean with a clean towel
- Dress up for the Ledge
Prepare school bag Ready breakfast
- Eat sandwiches, burgers and juices
- Just expect you
Enjoy a variety of tasks on the playground
Play with different puzzle to increase the mind
Study with number
-Return to home
-Care view
-Meal dinner
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There are two classes in society.  It is unsafe for one to go out but it is more difficult to stay at home without roti so it is a compulsion to stay out of the house and after a whole day of labor and wandering, take a little or come home empty handed and go to bed tired.  This frustration results in domestic violence.

Std-1 (Gujarati / Mathematics) Very useful book for Pragya class teachers published by Balbharati


In the affluent class on the other hand it is not a question of what to eat, how to spend time but the question of which of the many options to choose.  Order a pizza or a burger online?  Make Idli or Puranpoli?  Watch a webseries or a movie?  Hours spent on laptop / computer in the name of chatting or social media or work from home.

Saptarangi Pravruti Regester 

In the midst of all this, the child is alone.  She needs parental support, affection and time during this time.  It is very important for the parents to make available what they are losing by not going to school by playing the role of a teacher.

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