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Reference regarding holding;Book Reader Competition; from offline / online mode.

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 Reference regarding holding;Book Reader Competition; from offline / online mode.

Reference regarding holding 'Book Reader Competition' from offline / online mode. 

 Subject = For students of Std-6,7,8, 9, and 11 of all government schools of the state

 Reference regarding holding 'Book Reader Competition' from offline / online mode. 

 The contribution of reading in improving study outcomes has been demonstrated in various researches.  Reading is a step towards enabling language and writing skills.  It enhances vocabulary, creativity, critical thinking, imagination and expression.  Helps children build relationships with their surroundings and real life situations.  However it requires constant study, development and consolidation.  Thus, there is a need to create a competent environment in which students read for fun and enjoyable and sustainable process.

 Develop their skills The Ministry of Education has published various guidelines for utilizing existing and new library resources.  Through interactive games, storytelling, and storytelling, children enter the world of languages, drawing them to their own language abilities and encouraging them to learn more about their heritage and the people around them.  Book Reading Competition '(Reading-Study Festival)

 Promote a reading culture in students, teachers and the community.  They will experience creative writing like poems, short stories and folktales based on their imagination and experience.  The book reader competition (Reading-Study Festival) will be instrumental in strengthening the spirit of 'One India, Best India'.  The main resources of this Ghanchan campaign are the children themselves, who specialize in learning new languages ​​and pronunciations.

 And is very sensitive to the complexity of dialects.  It is not enough to teach children to read, to give them something to read, something that will expand their imagination, something that will help them understand their own life and encourage them to reach out to people whose lives are theirs.  Quite different than their own.  In order to strengthen this idea, the book reader should read the book 'Under-reading festival' for the students of Std. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 in the state.

 The Ministry of Education has got the approval of the government to organize the competition.

 Considering the above matters, students of Std-6,7,8,9and 11 of all government schools in the state

 Therefore, it is recommended to organize online book reading competition from the standard year to state art, as well as to conduct online offline online reading in the will standard year of these schools from  as part of the competition.  Book Reading Competition in Std-6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 of all government schools under your jurisdiction as mentioned above.

 By strictly following the SOP issued by the Government from time to time regarding the epidemic

 To give the necessary instructions from your level, as well as to all those bound for the fine online mode

 Effective implementation at each stage of the competition, is said to do.

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