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 Special and various educational experiments are being done from time to time in the field of primary education.  The Pragya approach is also one of the continuum chains.  Pragya approach has been implemented in the state of Gujarat since June 2010.  The approach is extended under Phase-3 in June 2018.  Learning outcomes are getting better due to the special husband teaching in Pragya approach.  In view of the breadth of the cognitive approach, it is imperative to develop a special kind of understanding of teachers rather than teaching.  Under this training guide, topics of classroom management and classroom management have been introduced for teachers rather than teaching under the pragya approach.  Different dimensions of training such as discussion, demonstration, writing, exposure, group work etc. are covered in different subjects.  Hopefully, we will be able to teach with more readiness in the intellectual class next year when we will get acquainted with the topics of the training guide with sufficient space during the training.
New Parinam Patrak Download Excel File

Download 2022 New Parinam Patrak C For std 3 to 4. Gujarat Primary Schools Dhoran 3 thi 4 na Letest new Automatic parinam patrak in Excel and PDF File. Also Available below Download Link

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 Read these instructions specifically before creating a result.

 The peculiarity of this result is that it will result in as many children as there are children in your class. To do this, first type the class register number in the data sheet and click on the Submit button. So that the same number of rows will open in all the sheets of this format. A maximum of 60 children can be produced.

If the row giving SUBMIT does not decrease then a box will open by clicking on Options in the Security Warning above the Formukya bar.
Fill in the general details of the school in the data sheet.
Then fill in the children's details.
Select the session must.
Currently this format is in Shruti font. But you can also change the language
The marks of constructive assessment and self-study assessment of children can be filled in the result sheet.
GUN SLIP out of 80 marks of Session and Annual Written Examination Fill in the sheet.
The result will automatically come out of 40 in the sheet
Title sheet will not be modified. Only prints can be deleted.
This sheet is for external assessment. The print with the children's name can be attached to the deleted exam bundle.
PATRAKA sheet is for constructive evaluation. In it, first select the topic and the session so that the names of the topics and the session will come up.
These comments are taken from the online SAS web site.
The names of the children who get the first three numbers in each subject in 1 to 3 sheet will be shown with marks.

New Updated Parinam Patrako 
OK in PRATIBHA sheet will show the list of children who got more than 75% marks in the written examination of both the sessions in Gujarati, Mathematics and Science subjects.
The marksheet is the student's marksheet. It will have two student marksheets in one page.
So write the roll number of the two students who have made the marsheet in the colored shell
Please note if there are any errors in this format

નવુ પરિણામ પત્રક 2022

◆ વર્ષ 2022 Excel file. પરિપત્ર મુજબનું પરિણામ પત્રક...
● નવા પરિપત્ર મુજબ તૈયાર કરેલા
● કુલ 160 ગુણમાથી વિષયવાઈઝ બનાવેલ
● ફાઈલ કમ્પ્યુટર માં ઓપન કરવી.

👉 ધોરણ-3 : ફાઇલ -1 ડાઉનલોડ કરો

👉 ધોરણ-3 : ફાઇલ -2 ડાઉનલોડ કરો

👉 ધોરણ-4 : ફાઇલ -1 ડાઉનલોડ કરો

👉 ધોરણ-4 : ફાઇલ -2 ડાઉનલોડ કરો



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D If there is no exam, then the essay on Jo Pariksha na Hoy to Nibandh in Gujarati.  As a result, students experience constant mental stress.  It also has the opposite effect on their body.  They cannot sleep peacefully in the anxiety of exams.  They can't even play enthusiastically.  They cannot eat.  They do not come high from Gokhanpatti day and night.  Also, they brag about the questions to be asked in the exam (IMP).  They are motivated to copy in the exam if they match.  The condition of the student gets worse when some examiners take out difficult and complex question papers.  In addition, parents constantly tickle students.  Parents expect a lot from them.  So the students feel immense confusion.  As a result, sometimes a student leaves home and runs away.  Sometimes a failed student even commits suicide.  If there were no exams, such tragic events would not happen!  Some parents worry too much about their child getting a good result.  Such parents arrange tuition or coaching classes for the child.  In such an activity the guardian has to incur heavy expenses.  If there are no exams, parents will be spared such expenses!  Taking exams on time, preparing their results on time etc. can be a headache even for teachers and principals.  If there are no exams, all this will not be a mess.  Thus, if there are no exams, students, parents, teachers, etc. will be hashed.  If there are no exams, the student can compete with me freely.  The other falcon gets rid of the burden of the bar.  If there are no exams then some difficulties also arise.  If there are no exams, the student has to decide on what basis

Taking exams on time, preparing their results on time etc. can be a headache even for teachers and principals.  If there are no exams, all this will not be a mess.  D Thus, if there are no exams, students, parents, teachers, etc. will be hashed.  If there are no exams, the student can compete with me freely.  They are relieved of the burden of the bar.  On the other hand, if there are no exams, some difficulties also arise.  If there are no exams, on what basis should the student be promoted to the upper class?  What is the basis for evaluating a student?  Also, if there are no exams, the student will not read the textbooks, his language will not be refined without reading.  His knowledge and information remain limited.  They are deprived of basic education.  So in practical life he has to face many difficulties.  If there are no exams then the student does not study, then why does he go to school?  There is no sense of regularity or responsibility in it.  As a result, he is mentally weak.  Let such a directionless man get stuck in the ocean.  Also, if there is no system to prepare professionals, then why all business?  So exams are necessary, but the examination system needs to be improved.  The value of the exam and its true purpose can be maintained only by implementing the examination system in which the student is properly evaluated.  Related Posts:

Exam Files 2021-22








It also helps to know about the students.  The Open Book Test is a time-honored practice, although it has been around for a long time.  Here the student can use any material (book, laptop, internet etc.) brought with him for reference of information.  This method, which is very popular in the western world, is a complete test of students' understanding of the subject.  Writing material is available, but the question is one that requires a definite understanding of the subject, not a heap of information.  Here the readiness of teachers is most required.  Only students who have a true understanding of the subject can give answers to the new questions asked in this method.  There is a time limit here too, but many experiments have shown good results by giving unlimited time.  * Take Away Home Test As the name suggests, this is a test that can be taken at home, which can be considered as a different version of the Open Book Test.  Here students can take questions home and prepare answers with the help of parents - elders - friends etc.  In this too, both definite and indefinite examinations can be taken.  The purpose of this method is to check the learning of the students in the true sense of the word, as opposed to the testimonials, but the readiness of the teachers also plays a big role here and if the questions are not practical then this examination can be meaningless.  * Group Test (Group Test) gives a question paper to a small group of students, finds the answer together.  It is obvious that students learn more from friends than from peers and from experiences outside the classroom.  Here students engage with each other through discussion and learn from each other while responding.  Besides, they enjoy the exam in this method without having to deal with the burden of the exam.  Here also the readiness of teachers is tested.  Thus the basic purpose of education is also achieved if we can teach them by increasing the enthusiasm and confidence of the students through different methods of examination.  Students' attitudes towards learning also change.  In this way the examination-oriented approach of education can become truly study-oriented.  Our teachers as well as parents are requested not to be jealous of parents

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