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And choose the techniques carefully, taking into account the age of the children, the individual characteristics.  The main thing is not to hurt the baby!  Every day, to get ready for work, you involuntarily ask yourself questions: What is waiting for me today?  How will the kids meet and appreciate me?  How to learn a new dance?  Will the rehearsal of the musical performance go well?  I get answers to all these questions already during work or at the end of the working day.  Sometimes, I can't find the answers to the questions that arise from me, then to find the answers in the literature, I will take the help of colleagues.  Preschoolers, very jigsaw puzzles, little people, they demand everything new, interesting and emotional.  At the same time, you need to be a child and immerse yourself in a world of learning to express music in their "Children's Musical Language", understanding children's experiences and everything around them.  What does kindergarten music director mean? 

 How many new abilities this business reveals in me!  The music director's profession is amazing and unique in that it combines different professions. 

 Musician and artist, screenwriter and director, costume designer and actor, make-up artist and sound engineer.  It forms the music hall.  Writes scripts and celebrates numerous.  Children's musical and creative development, the atmosphere of joy in kindergarten largely depends on how interesting, professional-literate you are. 

 Receiving words of gratitude from parents, co-workers, children is a real pleasure for me and a major achievement in my work.  Thanks for the organized learning activities in music.  Where all sorts of classic activities are present Dora.  Listening to the singing

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Why did I choose the profession of kindergarten music director?  The answer is very simple. In my business, two great miracles are combined - children and music.  I am at the root of the birth of a child's personality.  It's up to me whether the music will help develop the best qualities: emotional sensitivity, ability to feel the harmony around, kindness, sensitivity to beauty ... musical director ... it seems dry, soulless, one sided ... if  That is, dig deep and you will know that these two words are true.  "Musical" - beautiful, sensual, loving, playful "leader" - unknown, giving a hand to fear and leading to new, unfamiliar, beautiful ... we give light. 

 We teach to love, to understand, to empathize, to feel.  A person who was very close to me played an important role in my choice of business.  This is my mother.  For me the capital is a letter man.  He has devoted his entire life to raising children.  When I remember as a child where I went as a child, one of the humble eyes of the teachers who greeted me every morning and one of them my mom came to my mind.  Years later I joined A.T.  In the name of Dosmashmadeva, I graduated from Atarayu Pedagogchitra University and do an internship on my own and am close to Kindergarten, where the same eyes of my teachers become my guiding teachers.  His kindness and care will always be in my heart.  A lot of time has passed, and I still remember the names of my teachers.  Maybe even then, I decided I really wanted to be like them.  

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2022 નાં નવા પરિરૂપ પ્રમાણે

Kindergarten is the most attractive country where every day is different from the previous country and the main inhabitants of this country are children.  They made us who we are.  And for that I am grateful to them.  After all, they make me angry and teach me a lot.  They learn to accept the mistakes of others, just as they do.  But demands more of itself.  Based on my experience, I can say with confidence.  One desire and effort is not enough to become a good music director.  Acquiring skills in pedagogy and perseverance, taking into account the characteristics of the children.  Academic


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Today is World Yoga Day which the whole world is celebrating with enthusiasm.  Today is World Music Day.  Music is an art that connects directly with the human soul.  While yoga is believed to awaken the senses and destroy physical ailments, there are also ragas in music that can cure a variety of ailments.  Even music can be said to be a kind of yoga.

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Music has also been used to treat many ailments.  Science also acknowledges that listening to your favorite music for about 30 minutes every day can help prevent many diseases.  The ragas of Indian classical music have so much power that it can bring physical and mental well-being to the native.


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Classical music.  Sugam Sangeet and Lok Sangeet The two main modes of Indian classical music are Hindustani music - which became popular in North India, Carnatic music - which became popular in South India.  Hindustani music developed under the umbrella of Mughal emperors and Carnatic music developed due to temples.  This is more of a makeup interest.  Thumri, Tappa, Hori in subclassical music.  Kajri etc. are.  Sugam Sangeet is popular among the masses such as - - Bhajan Indian Film Music • Ghazal.  Indian Pop Music Folk Music acc (baha links)

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