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'E just my 6th birthday Happy Ari Valley School ... yes.  It is the birthday of our beloved primary school mo.  Before the new year i.e.  From this day onwards, there was a good start of formal education in this village.  Many individuals who have studied in this school have come to grips with this in life.  Ma Haranfal Bhari Any collector who studied in this school.  No big name doctor and engineer, no big businessman or industrialist, no big politician and atheist big work this school has done to give the best teacher.  Today, on the day of its establishment, I would like to pray to the Mother Goddess that whoever still teaches or teaches in this school, as well as the one who wants the good of this school, should copy it very much and brighten the name of the school village with his own name.

"Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav" is an initiative to celebrate 75 years of India's independence.  This festival is dedicated to the people of India who have played an important role in India's journey of prosperity.  Which highlights the vision of a self-reliant India influenced by the Hon'ble Prime Minister's Activating India 2.0.  In order to realize the dream of "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav-2021", various activities have been carried out by various departments of the state government as a campaign.  Hon'ble Prime Minister called upon the office bearers of Panchayati Raj Institutions to celebrate the birthday of the primary school of each village in an atmosphere of enthusiasm in an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the program "Maru Gaam - Maa Gujarat" in the program of Gujarat Panchayat Mahasammelan on 11/06/207 in Ahmedabad.  The school is not just a four-walled place, but a symbol of the vitality of the entire village.

The school is always proud.  To always be proud of the school.  On the birth day of the school, the citizens of our village came together to celebrate the birth anniversary of the school and took resolutions like - F to clean the school.  All the surviving persons who have been studying in the school since its inception were contacted and invited to participate in the school's birthday celebrations

  Even on the day of school birth in our school, with the public cooperation of village elders, office bearers, school family, leaders, institutions, alumni, “Rathith Bhojan” was also arranged for the children in the school.  So the school birthday celebration became more meaningful.  The school was established in Ama village.  The students at the time of establishment of the school could not do so much to study in it


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Memoirs of those who started school at that time were presented to the present students.  After studying the details of enrollment of the children in the school from the beginning of the school till now, the details of the enrollment going 100% were presented to the villagers.  Out of all the children who studied, the children who scored first, second and third in that TI H standard were honored and the children were encouraged to achieve high level achievement in their academic as well as co-curricular activities.  It was planned by the school management to visit the school from time to time, consult the school teachers and the children, discuss how to increase the educational achievement of the children and implement it properly.  School hygiene, classroom hygiene, children need to be trained to keep their own and their own clothes in order for children to acquire basic knowledge and develop a sense of hygiene.


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Efforts were planned to be made at the school.  In view of the recent changes in the environment, in order to inculcate environmental awareness in the school children from an early age, it has been planned to plant trees in the vicinity of the school premises, in rural areas where tree planting is possible and to make proper arrangements for its upbringing.  He worked with the entire villagers and alumni on how to make a school development plan on what facilities are currently available in school development and what facilities need to be made available.  Necessary public support is provided to make the missing facilities available in the school.  Its information is kept at school level.  Which was presented to the villagers.  The students who have dropped out of school since the beginning of school were analyzed from 3 to now.  Analyzed how they dropped out of school.

Intensive efforts have been made to ensure that current students do not drop out of school.  It was discussed that 100% enrollment of all the children in the school will be done by the school staff and SMC members as well as the villagers.  The headmaster and teachers of the school should take note of the fact that the children of Std. 6 and Std. 8 should be admitted in another school and complete the course up to Std. 12 and such a child should not be deprived of further education.  Activities are done in the school that can do and develop the children's academic achievements as well as skills.  Many activities in the school regarding the balanced development of the child's physical, mental and emotional well-being. Son Sarar trapr

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