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To appoint traveling teachers for teaching work with honorarium per hourMatter of approval,

 To appoint traveling teachers for teaching work with honorarium per hourMatter of approval,

To appoint traveling teachers for teaching work with honorarium per hourMatter of approval,

Subject: To appoint traveling teachers for teaching work with honorarium per hourMatter of approval,

With reference to Resolutio of the Department of Education on the above subject, the Government has introduced a scheme of honorarium for the purpose of teaching work on an honorarium basis till the vacancies of sanctioned teachers in government and subsidized primary schools run by the District / Town Education Committee of the State are filled regularly. Pursuant to which the Reference-2 Resolution of the Department of Education has amended the per capita and maximum daily wage for traveling teachers of primary education.

State Government / Non-Government Granted Primary

Approved teacher vacancies in schools are not filled by regular teachers per hour

The fixed term for conducting education work from honorarium is academic year 2022-23

Extension is allowed until the end of the year.

From the reference letter of this office, instruction was given to all the districts / towns to submit the demand form for filling the traveling teachers. Pursuant to which, considering the demand form received from the districts, within the limits of the grant sanctioned by the education department, according to the attached Annexure-, the district-wise traveling teachers are allotted. In addition to 4, subject to the following conditions, fro the appointment of traveling teachers should be made by the concerned District Officer.

2. At the local level, the head teacher of the school will have to decide on the appointment of a senior teacher of the school and a traveling teacher jointly by the school management committee.

. In the schools run by the district / town education committee, where there is a school with one teacher at present, there is another

In case the teacher is eligible, such schools should be given priority in the selection for the traveling teacher.

4. Mathematics and science teachers should be given priority in upper primary schools. 5. Appointment of candidates with prescribed qualifications for Std-1 to 5 and Std-6 to 8 vacancies

6. For the honorarium to be paid to the approved traveling teachers as per Annexure-1 to 3, the accompanying grant application form and certificate should be submitted by the District Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer / Govt. At present the demand form has to be submitted considering the expenses for the month of July-2022, which will be allotted by this office every month thereafter considering the expenses for one month.  Notify if there is an increase or decrease in the number of appointed traveling teachers within the limit of traveling teachers allotted from here in the middle of the session.

 The office here will have to make and demand accordingly,

 7. No leave or exemption may be given to the traveling teacher in the ongoing academic activities.  8. The educational work of the regular teacher class is handled by the traveling teacher.  That teacher class academic

 All the work except the work has to be done by the head teacher.

 9. Considering the number of students in Std. 1 to 5 schools, if the number of students is up to 60, maximum one traveling teacher should be appointed.

 10. In the subsidized primary schools, if the ratio of teachers per class is fixed, it will be necessary to arrange a traveling teacher only for the missing teacher.

Whether these traveling teachers do a good job in the appointed school?  To test it and

 Appropriate arrangements should be made by the District Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer / Govt.

 12. No written order shall be made to assign the work to the traveling teacher.
 per the conditions of the resolution of the Department of Education dated , there is no tas system, there is a maximum daily honorarium of Rand higher monthly maximum salary limit does not exceed Rs. the traveling teacher as long as the educational work of the children is going on in the primary schools

 The work has to be done and the salary has to be paid for the days of work done.  15. Allocation of monthly salary from the district level to be paid to the traveling teachers from the school level which has to be paid to that teacher only through RTGS and its details to the concerned district.

 The officer will have to submit to this office.

 16. Appointment of traveling teachers and payment of honorarium as per rules under this scheme.

 The vigilance in this regard should be maintained by the concerned officer.  As well as in the future due to omissions

 If any administrative or legal question arises, all the responsibility is there

 17. If there is a need for less traveling teachers than the number of traveling teachers allotted by this office in your district / town, you will have to inform this office within days after receiving this letter so that

 In the district / town with other requirements, such traveling teachers can be recruited, 18. In addition to the above conditions, the Department of Education on 

 Compliance with the provisions and conditions of the resolution dated and other resolutions from time to time

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